Congressman falls victim to this terrible crime

rep mike collins

Politics can be a dangerous game. But this crosses a line.

Because a Congressman fell victim to this terrible crime.

The division in the United States is only getting worse with every passing year.

Back in the day, Republicans and Democrats may have disagreed, but most Americans could look past each other’s differences.

Now, the modern cancel culture will demonize you if you dare stand up for what you believe in if it runs contrary to the accepted liberal orthodoxy.

Sometimes those threats of cancelation turn into actual crimes.

And this Republican Congressman learned that the hard way.

According to his office’s spokeswoman, Republican Rep. Mike Collins’ (R-GA) Monroe district office in Georgia was burglarized after hours.

Collins’ spokesperson, DJ Griffin, said in a statement Thursday that a “unauthorized entry and burglary” occurred at the congressman’s Monroe district office.

“This morning, Rep. Collins’ district office staff noticed an unauthorized entry and burglary of the Monroe district office that occurred sometime after 5 pm yesterday afternoon but before 9 am this morning,” Griffin stated.

“Official equipment and personal property are missing. The Monroe Police Department and United States Capitol Police were immediately notified and an investigation is underway,” Griffin added.

“Anyone with information about this incident is asked to please contact the Monroe Police Department at (770) 267-7576.”

Collins is a first-term representative from Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District, with offices in Monroe, Georgia, and Washington, DC.

Granted, this isn’t exactly a “Watergate” moment.

Though Collins is a Congressman, he likely does not have any sensitive materials or Republican Party secrets in his office since he’s a freshman legislator.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that we don’t know if this was a random burglary or a targeted attack.

Could there be an interest group looking to send Collins a message or find some dirt on him?

Stranger things have happened.

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