Conservative speaker attacked by Antifa mob in terrifying assault

charlie kirk

The Left is getting more violent by the day. There’s no telling how far they’ll go.

And a Conservative speaker was attacked by an Antifa mob in a terrifying assault.

The dictatorship of Wokeism has only gotten worse in America over the last few years.

One of the first major expressions was when Democrat politicians lined up to praise rioters and looters in 2020.

Supposed “activists for racial justice” were burning down businesses and stealing goods from hard-working Americans, but the Left cheered it all on.


Because it helped them further divide this nation along lines in the sand they think are politically advantageous.

It’s the same reason that January 6th is being painted as a violent insurrection or a day we almost lost our Democracy – it’s a useful card to play.

This virus has been infecting more and more Leftists to the point where they can’t even stand to hear opposing viewpoints.

Instead, they kick, scream, and lash out violently because someone dares to stand up to their ideology.

And Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, found this out yet again.

Violent Antifa protestors were arrested on the UC Davis campus after shattering doors and windows while attempting to storm a Charlie Kirk speech hosted by the school’s Turning Point USA branch.

In the lead-up to the event, Antifa activists have been attacking Kirk in the press and on campus, and one of the state’s largest newspapers, the Sacramento Bee, published a piece Tuesday falsely claiming that Kirk has “called for the lynching of trans people” and calling for the cancellation of his speaking engagement.

The tweet, which was sent at 9:02 a.m. Pacific, wasn’t deleted until approximately 8 p.m., long after the Antifa thugs had attacked the speech – and after 111,000 views on that single tweet.

The Chancellor made a video in which he expressed his “dismay” that a student club is sending a “well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate and who has advocated for violence against transgender people” to school.

He explained to students that UC policy does not allow the administration to cancel a speaker invited by a registered campus group “even if the speaker’s intended speech is loathsome and hurtful to me and others in our campus community,” but that “UC policy permits denial of the speaker’s request will present a clear and present danger to the campus,” and that the administration will be closely monitoring what Kirk says to see if he crosses any lines.

Nothing about the potential Antifa violence targeting Turning Point USA speakers, which has been widely publicized this year.

Not to mention, who cares if a speaker’s statements are “loathsome and hurtful” to the chancellor? Every semester, numerous students at any respectable educational institution will say things that a chancellor finds repugnant and cruel.

Kirk states in this reaction video that he has never pushed for violence against trans people, and he hopes to sue that chancellor, who should have used his platform to tell the spoiled brats moaning to shut up.

The speech was not canceled, as we now know (perhaps because the University of California system has previously been successfully sued for canceling conservative pundit speeches), but Antifa had already taken its marching orders.

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