Criminally charged Democrat senator sends shockwaves through D.C. with this unexpected announcement

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)

This Leftist’s career was all but over after getting hammered by the law. But now things are changing in a big way.

And this criminally charged Democrat senator sent shockwaves through D.C. with this unexpected announcement.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been in a world of trouble the past few months.

He’s been accused of accepting bribes in the form of gold bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for his influence as a U.S. Senator.

Menendez has been criminally indicted for these charges, but isn’t planning to leave the world of politics anytime soon.

According to NBC News’ Julie Tsirkin, Carol E. Lee, and Kate Santaliz, they obtained info from sources “who spoke with [Menendez] directly” about his plans to run for reelection to the Senate as an independent candidate.

“He is now making calls to allies about his record and career and is preparing to collect petitions to run in November as an independent, the sources said. If Menendez were to run as a Democrat, he would need to come up with 1,000 signatures by March 25th – so time is not on his side. But running as an independent would give him more time; in that case, he would only need 800 signatures by June 4th to qualify for the ballot,” according to the NBC News reporters.

“A clearly frustrated Menendez did not deny that he’s planning to run as an independent when asked by NBC News Thursday afternoon, saying multiple times: ‘I don’t have to declare what I am doing. When I do, everybody will know.'”

Menendez, who is facing an indictment of 18 counts, recently pleaded not guilty to new charges that were brought against him, according to the Associated Press.

So the timing of his potential reelection bid is rather surprising.

One would think Menendez would bow out of politics since he’s under such heavy controversy for his alleged criminal activity.

But instead, he’s possibly gearing up for another reelection bid.

That’s not stopping other politicians from trying to win his seat, however.

New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy and Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ) are both running for Menendez’s spot in the Senate.

“If Sen Menendez runs as an independent, Dems must put forward the strongest general election candidate. I’m a Dem that won a district Trump won twice and am currently appealing to independent voters by far bigger numbers than my competitors,” Kim said in a post to X.

“I can win this Nov no matter what Menendez decides to do.”

Sen. Menendez continues to prove that he’s a typical corrupt politician who is in constant need for power.

Any decent person would have resigned and quit politics by now, but Menendez ditched any sort of characteristics of decency a long time ago.

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