Democrat scheme to destroy the Supreme Court revealed by this journalist

Christine Blasey Ford

The Left despises the nation’s high court. They can’t stand the fact that the justices won’t rule in their favor with every case.

And a Democrat scheme to destroy the Supreme Court was revealed by this journalist.

Who can forget when the Left went after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.

Democrats were dead set on trying to bring up false accusations of s*xual assault against the Trump-nominated justice in order to reduce the amount of conservatives on the bench.

They brought in Christine Blasey Ford who claimed that she was s*xually assaulted by Kavanaugh in high school during the 1980s. Ford was unable to provide any substantial evidence to that claim and Kavanaugh was eventually cleared and confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

However, more revelations are coming out that suggest that the Democrats were heavily behind the scenes to try and get one of Kavanaugh’s friends to support Ford’s allegations as true.

Mark Judge, a journalist, spoke with Fox Nation’s Martha MacCallum during an interview and claimed that the Left tried to blackmail him and extort him so that he would help verify the allegations by Ford against his high school friend, Justice Kavanaugh.

“They thought, ‘Okay, if we can get Mark Judge involved in this, we can sink Kavanaugh. But we have to get Mark Judge involved in this this,'” Judge said to MacCallum during the interview.

Democrats found out about his alcoholism and used that as a way to try and extort him.

“And they thought it would be easy. They thought, ‘Okay, this is an easy hit. We will get Judge involved. We will get him down there in front of the committee. He’s a recovering alcoholic. He’s got a past we can comb through for days and this will completely implode Kavanaugh,'” Judge continued.

Judge also claimed that allies of the Left tried to get him to change his story in order to destroy Kavanaugh. They claimed that if he did that, he would be a “hero.”

“Several people said, ‘Yeah, you jumped on the bed and broke things up. You prevented this. You’re the hero here. You say that and you’re home free. I had journalists who I had been friends with sending me emails: ‘Do it, Mark. Do it for humanity. Lie about this for humanity,'” he explained to MacCallum.

To make this story even more haunting, Judge recalled how he received a very threatening phone call from someone with a California number.

“On September 24, 2018, my birthday, I got a call from a California number. They were brilliant enough to leave a message: ‘You like effing with people, Mark. I like effing with people, too. You better change your story,” Judge said.

This whole story recalled by Judge is a scary reminder at just how far the Left will go to destroy their political enemies.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical ideology is subjected to extortion and other sorts of threats.

Democrats couldn’t bear the fact that a conservative justice would have a place on the Supreme Court, so they did everything in their power to bring him and his friends down.

If that doesn’t sound like corruption, then what does?

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