Democrats declare war on women with this truly shocking statement

Dave Considine

The Left claims to be the party of equality. But now they’re showing their true colors.

And Democrats declare war on women with this truly shocking statement.

For years the Left has talked about how women should only vote for their party.

But with the transgender movement that’s plaguing America, Democrats are now abandoning women for biological males posing as women.

One of the largest culture wars going on in the U.S. is the issue of if transgendered women should be permitted to play sports with biological women.

Those with common sense believe that it’s unfair for a biological male to compete against women due to the obvious physical advantages that men have.

Radical Leftists believe differently, however.

Last week, Wisconsin state Representative Dave Considine (D) had quite a bit to say in opposition to a bill that was passed in the state that prohibited transgender athletes from competing in a sport that didn’t match their biological gender.

“My granddaughter, who is playing college sports, I asked her about this when we had this two years ago, and she said, ‘you know what? If a trans woman was competing against me in the sport, then that just means if that person’s better than me, I need to work harder,'” Considine said.

“Some parents are concerned that their daughter might miss out on a scholarship. They might miss out on playing for this team or that team. Boy, that doesn’t sound like community. That sounds like selfishness.”

The state Congressman also posted on Facebook that, “Excluding trans athletes from participating in sports is not what kids want. Kids want to play together. The issue we are talking about is an adult problem.”

Considine couldn’t be more wrong.

A former University of Kentucky swimmer and current advocate for women, Riley Gaines has been speaking out about this very subject ever since she competed against Lia Thomas, a biological male who identifies as a woman.

Gaines correctly felt like Thomas held an unfair advantage due to him being a male. She also believed that Lia Thomas stole a national championship away from actual women (like herself) who worked hard to be in a position to possibly win that championship.

So you can imagine Gaines’ frustration when she heard state Rep. Considine’s comments about women needing to work harder to compete against transgenders.

“That’s like someone saying to Rep Considine ‘if you want to grow hair on that bald, shining head of yours, then just grow hair,'” Riley Gaines said in a post on X.

Democrats are just showing what we already know about them. They don’t really care about women. They just want to support the most radical ideas in order to appease the woke mob.

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