Democrats fell to their knees after the Supreme Court handed down this ruling

Justice Samuel Alito

The Left is no fan of the nation’s High Court. Their hatred of it will only grow after this decision was made.

And Democrats fell to their knees after the Supreme Court handed down this ruling.

In a 6-3 decision, the United States Supreme Court upheld South Carolina electoral maps that were backed by Republicans.

The maps were originally fought against by an NAACP chapter and the ACLU for issues pertaining to racism.

But the High Court ruled that there was no evidence that the maps were drawn with racist intentions.

The South Carolina legislature, which is controlled by the GOP, approved the electoral maps, but a lower U.S. district court found them to be unconstitutional after the NAACP and the ACLU’s challenge of them.

Justice Samuel Alito, author of the majority opinion in this case, argued that the district court was wrong in their assessment of the maps.

“When partisanship and race correlate, it naturally follows that a map that has been gerrymandered to achieve a partisan end can look very similar to a racially gerrymandered map,” Alito said in the opinion.

“In other words, the plaintiffs failed to meet the high bar for a racial-gerrymandering claim by failing to produce, among other things, an alternative map showing that a rational legislature sincerely driven by this professed partisan goals would have drawn a different map with greater racial balance.”

Justices John Roberts, Amy Coney Barret, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh, agreed with Alito’s decision. Clarence Thomas wrote a concurring opinion as well.

“In my view, the Court has no power to decide these types of claims,” Thomas wrote.

“Drawing political districts is a task for politicians, not federal judges. There are no judicially manageable standards for resolving claims about districting, and, regardless, the Constitution commits those issues exclusively to the political branches.”

Unsurprisingly, liberal Justices Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ketanji Brown Jackson, had a dissenting opinion and agreed with the lower district court’s original ruling regarding the maps.

“In every way, the majority today stacks the deck against the Challengers. They must lose, the majority says, because the State had a ‘possible’ story to tell about not considering race – even if the opposite story was the more credible,” they said in their opinion.

The map will be featured in the 2024 election and was going to be this all-time since court hearings and arguments were occurring.

Leftists are always trying to find ways to claim that something is racist.

It’s their way of shutting down opinions or politicians that they don’t like.

Look at how the Left has blasted former Donald Trump as a racist.

It’s the only tactic they have nowadays since no other form of strategy of theirs is helping advance their ideas.

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