Democrats just banned this candidate from the ballot in a jaw-dropping move

South Carolina Democrat Party Chair Christale Spain

The Left wants to make life difficult for any candidate they oppose. They lose all sense of tolerance for anyone who doesn’t share their radical ideologies.

And Democrats just banned this candidate from the ballot in a jaw-dropping move.

Before the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in, Democrats in states like Colorado tried their hardest to remove former President Donald Trump from their ballots for the 2024 election.

And now similar efforts are being brought about in the state of South Carolina.

But this time they’re targeting Alan Ali, an African American candidate for Sheriff in Charleston County.

According to reports from WCBD News 2, South Carolina Democrat Party Chair Christale Spain wrote a letter on March 5 where she made arguments against Ali’s appearance on the ballot.

She also said she would not certify Ali’s appearance on the ballot in the letter which was sent to the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration.

“I am not certifying Alan Ali for the ballot for the primary election June 11, 2024, pursuant to South Carolina Democratic Party Rule 11,” Spain said. She also said that Ali’s “support and allegiance to the Democratic Party and the Party’s values” were suspect.

Rule 11 which Spain cites in her letter, says, “the South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman in consultation with the SCDP Executive Council reserves the right not to certify a candidate who has filed for a Democratic Party primary election.”

Spain, as chair of the South Carolina Democrat Party, also has the ability to not certify a candidate who’s “demonstrated intent to mislead voters and party officials regarding that candidate’s support and allegiance to the Democratic Party and the Party’s values.”

According to Spain, Ali has apparently stated that he had considered running as a Republican for sheriff in nearby Dorchester County which led her to believe that he may be misleading voters and that it’s best to not certify his candidacy on the ballot.

“Mr. Ali made it clear during the meeting last week that he explored running for sheriff as a Republican in Dorchester County where he owns his residence so that was a huge flag for me,” Spain said.

“It said to me that Mr. Ali was party shopping.”

But as it stands now, Ali is only planning to run in Charleston County and is passionate about doing so. And because he simply explored running as a Republican, Chairwoman Spain doesn’t believe he belongs on the ballot.

“I think it’s hearing the personal stories of people in and around the community, in Edisto Island and McClellanville and around Hollywood, and just hearing these personal stories over and over again, that people are looking for fundamental change,” Ali said in a previous statement.

Imagine if a Republican had denied ballot access to an African American candidate?

The Left would simply lose their minds.

But because Ali thought about running as a GOP candidate for sheriff at one time, he’s now barred from the ballot.

And yes it’s in the rule book that Spain is allowed to not certify Ali, but it’s another typical example of a cultural “rules for thee and not for me” mindset from the Democrats.

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