Donald Trump does the unthinkable for his 2024 presidential campaign

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has a commanding lead in the 2024 election. But that might change.

Because Donald Trump just did the unthinkable to his 2024 presidential campaign.

The race for the Republican nomination for President is heating up because it’s proving to be an extremely valuable position to find yourself in.

Joe Biden and his administration is more vulnerable than any recent incumbent President in recent American history.

That’s made the push to get the Republican nomination more important than ever. That’s precisely why so many Republicans are jumping in the race.

But make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is the person everyone is going to have to contend with.

He commands a strong lead over everyone who has joined the Republican primary race, even months before the debates even start.

That being said, Donald Trump might be making a critical mistake with regards to the Republican primary debates that are set to begin in August of 2022.

Donald Trump recently took to his Truth Social account to note his discontent that Fox News didn’t cover his “Man of the Decade” award that he was given at a local Michigan county on his campaign stop.

“So FoxNews, which is down 37% in the Ratings, doesn’t cover my getting the “Man of the Decade” Award (because of my great trade policies!) in Michigan,” Trump wrote.

He then voiced his being upset that Fox News wants him to show up for the debates that they will be a part of starting this August.

“[Fox News] then wants me to show up and get them ratings for their “Presidential” Debate, where I’m leading the field by 40 points,” he added.

This follows a series of statements that he has made indicating that he may not show up at all for the Presidential debates at all against Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and the others.

Lastly, he jabbed yet again at Ron DeSantis calling him Ron “DeSanctimonious” and claimed that Fox News is trying to push for a Ron DeSantis Republican nomination win.

“All they do is promote, against all hope, Ron DeSanctimonious, and he’s dropping like a rock. Sorry FoxNews, life doesn’t work that way!!!”

It’s understandable that Donald Trump isn’t exactly a fan of the way Fox News has been handling themselves lately.

Their firing of Tucker Carlson really seemed to signal that they are changing their political tune for the future.

But that being said, it’s not clear what Ron DeSantis has to do with it.

Several Fox News hosts have indicated that they think Donald Trump is the clear leader for the Republican field, even over the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

If Trump skips the debates, that could be a big mistake for himself. He doesn’t really have anything to lose by attending the debates and instead has everything to gain as there are plenty of voters who will want to see their pick on the debate stage.

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