Donald Trump just received a landmark court ruling that could change everything

donald trump court

The former president has been smacked with legal woes thanks to the corrupt Biden DOJ. But the tide may officially be turning.

Because Donald Trump just received a landmark court ruling that could change everything.

The radical Left knows that their chances of winning elections this November are looking very grim.

They’re particularly concerned with the presidential election, which if held today would likely result in a victory for former President Donald Trump.

So instead of relying on President Joe Biden to defeat Trump through the touting of his so-called policy accomplishments, Democrats are instead hoping Trump’s legal cases are what destroys his chances at winning the election.

But the latest news from this judge could wipe those hopes away completely.

Judge Delays Highly Anticipated Trump Sentencing

In a recent development in the legal proceedings involving former President Donald Trump, Judge Juan Merchan has postponed the sentencing originally scheduled for July 11, 2024.

The delay comes after Trump’s legal team requested the verdict be overturned, citing a new Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

On Tuesday, Judge Merchan issued a letter stating that the sentencing date was “vacated” and rescheduled for September 18, 2024.

This decision followed a plea from Trump’s attorneys, who argued that the May 30 guilty verdict from a Manhattan jury should be reconsidered in light of the recent Supreme Court decision.

“The July 11, 2024, sentencing date is therefore vacated,” Merchan wrote. “The Court’s decision will be tendered off-calendar on September 6, 2024, and the matter is adjourned to September 18, 2024, at 10:00 AM for the imposition of sentence, if such is still necessary, or other proceedings.”

Initially, Trump’s sentencing was set just days before the Republican National Convention, which is to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 15.

The former president faces sentencing for 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree, linked to payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The delay was influenced by a Supreme Court ruling issued on Monday, which stated that presidents have limited immunity from criminal prosecutions for official acts performed while in office, but this does not extend to unofficial acts.

The Court clarified, “Under our constitutional structure of separated powers, the nature of Presidential power entitles a former President to absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions within his conclusive and preclusive constitutional authority.”

“And he is entitled to at least presumptive immunity from prosecution for all his official acts. There is no immunity for unofficial acts.”

In light of this ruling, Trump’s lawyers sought to have the guilty verdict overturned, leading to the request for a delay in sentencing. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office indicated they were not opposed to this postponement.

As the new sentencing date approaches, it remains to be seen how the Supreme Court’s ruling and the ongoing legal strategies will impact the final outcome of this high-profile case.

But it’s very obvious that Donald Trump and his team are hoping for a complete overturn of the guilty conviction which would be a major blow for the Democrats.

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