Donald Trump received an unexpected gift from a potential VP pick


The jury is still out on who will join Trump on his crusade for the White House. But one man is trying to sweeten the deal.

And now Donald Trump received an unexpected gift from a potential VP pick.

The race for the White House is heating up, but one unknown is who Donald Trump will choose to tag along for the ride.

Many names have been thrown out, but one man is trying to thrust himself into the spotlight with his recent comments regarding Trump.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum acknowledged that former President Donald Trump compared President Biden’s administration to the Nazi Gestapo during a fundraiser retreat Saturday, but downplayed the relevance.

“This was a short comment deep into the thing that wasn’t really central to what he was talking about,” Burgum, 67, told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“I think … a majority of Americans feel like the trial that he’s in right now is politically motivated.”

The Gestapo was a notoriously harsh secret police service in Nazi Germany that relentlessly targeted Jewish people.

“These people are running a Gestapo administration,” Trump said during the closed-door retreat, NBC News reported. “And it’s the only thing they have. And it’s the only way they’re going to win in their opinion.”

Burgum was smart to defend Trump here. Not only does it help Trump and his own chances for the VP spot, but it points out that the Left get riled up about anything.

Here you have a former president being prosecuted by liberal judges and liberal DAs, and it’s all taking place in liberal cities.

Who wouldn’t think that this is a political hit job? If you took Biden to the “flyover” states the Left loves to bash so much and put him on trial, they’d be screaming the same thing.

Despite this obvious fact, Biden’s team struck back forcefully, though not unexpectedly.

“Trump is once again making despicable and insulting comments about the Holocaust, while in the same breath attacking law enforcement, celebrating political violence, and threatening our democracy,” he said in a statement.

Burgum, for his part, went on to defend Trump even further saying it would be a “travesty of justice” for him to be convicted over a “business filing error.”

“It’s not illegal to pay people for nondisclosure agreements,” he noted.

“The outcome of this trial is not going to change a lot of people’s minds. It might actually in some ways help President Trump because it reinforces the idea that the Biden administration is willing to use lawfare to try to attack a political opponent.”

Burgum unsuccessfully ran for the 2024 GOP nomination before withdrawing late last year.

On Saturday, Trump spoke with many key Republicans who have spurred interest in the veepstakes at the Republican National Committee spring gathering in Palm Beach. The tournament was widely regarded as a test for potential contenders.

When asked about becoming Trump’s vice president, Burgum kept the door open but sought to temper expectations.

“Maybe there’s a list of 50. If I’m on it, who would know? But it’s not why I’m out supporting the president right now,” he said.

Burgum also confirmed that Biden, 81, won the 2020 election, but added that he thought there were “irregularities.”

“I believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, but I also believe … because of COVID, there was a huge number of irregularities, because we changed a bunch of rules in certain places, in certain precincts, in certain states,” he added.

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