Donald Trump received test results that left him speechless

Donald Trump

Former President Trump is on the warpath to retake the White House. But he wasn’t expecting what just came out of left field.

And Donald Trump received test results that left him speechless.

As the biggest name in the Republican race, Trump is leading his primary opponents massively.

Of course, that could change as others declare their candidacy and take away a portion of a slice of the pie.

One of those is the long-awaited announcement from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who could open his campaign any day now.

But as it stands, it’s Trump’s race to lose against the ailing and incompetent Joe Biden.

And Trump just got results from a recent poll that shows he’s sure to send Biden packing.

According to a Washington Post and ABC News poll, 49 percent of respondents indicated they would definitely or probably vote for Trump over Biden, or that they lean toward voting for Trump, while Biden receives only 42 percent.

That means Trump leads Biden by 7%, which is well beyond the margin of error for the poll.

In all, if Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024, the poll’s cross tabs reveal that 36% would certainly vote for him over Biden, 9% would probably vote for Trump, and 5% are leaning toward voting for Trump.

In that case, only 32% of people say they will certainly vote for Biden, 6% say they will probably vote for him, and 4% say they are leaning toward voting for Biden.

The fact that Trump has such a commanding lead against Biden barely over a week after Biden began his reelection candidacy is an astonishing turn of events for the former president.

This poll is not the only one showing Trump with a lead over Biden, and while there is still a long time between now and next November—and Trump still needs to secure the GOP nomination first before getting a formal shot at a comeback—this is the first establishment media poll showing Trump as the favorite for the White House from either party as spring turns to summer in 2023.

Rasmussen Reports polls and polls from Trump’s pollster Jim McLaughlin have also shown a Trump advantage over Biden, but now that this pattern is showing up in Washington Post/ABC News polling, the White House must be feeling it.

This poll also comes at an especially difficult time for Biden, as the current president has just began his 2024 reelection campaign with a campaign film and a number of public appearances—but the launch appears to have been pushed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s entry into the Democratic primary.

Kennedy’s candidacy is gaining traction among Democrats, and this poll reveals surprising figures for Biden within his own party.

One of the most damning results for President Biden comes in the form of mental competence.

In total, 64 percent said Trump is healthy enough to serve as president and just 28 percent said he is not while eight percent had no opinion.

It may be time to throw in the towel, Joe.

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