Donald Trump was sent into a fit of rage after Jen Psaki made this unhinged prediction about him

jen psaki

The former White House press secretary has gone off the rails. She’s now gone after Trump in the most insane way.

And Donald Trump was sent into a fit of rage after Jen Psaki made this unhinged prediction about him.

For months now, former President Donald Trump has been challenging President Joe Biden to a debate.

Trump will finally have his wish as the two political rivals have agreed to face off on the debate stage at least twice this year.

But despite the former president saying in the past that he’s willing to debate Biden at any place and anytime, one Leftist isn’t so sure of that.

Former White House press secretary and current MSNBC host Jen Psaki thinks that Trump might ditch the debates because of some of the guidelines Biden proposed.

“Trump could certainly say, ‘I never agreed to those specifics in the letter,’ and he probably will, and that’s how this all falls apart, even though he’s basically said, ‘I would debate him anytime,'” Psaki said while appearing on the Pod Save America podcast. She also added that she’s “still a skeptic” over the whole ordeal.

“I think, internally, they knew that at some point, this is going to hit a head, and they were either going to be ahead of it or be responding to Trump,” she said of the Biden campaign making a video to challenge Trump to a debate.

“So it was smart in that sense. I think it was also smart that they put out this letter of their criteria, which basically – I mean, none of this on the level, this entire election in many ways, in terms of how Trump is operating – but it did put the Trump team on their back feet where they had to just agree to that. If they tried to litigate things on there, they would have looked a little weak.”

The first scheduled debate is on June 27 and will be hosted on CNN. The second debate is slated for September 10 and it will be hosted by ABC.

President Biden’s campaign has also agreed to a vice presidential debate, but at the time this article is being written, there is no word yet on whether or not the Trump campaign has also agreed.

If a vice presidential debate is agreed upon, then the Biden campaign would want it to take place in July or August, and they’d want CBS to host it.

These announcements by the Biden campaign come at a time when the president is struggling in the polls.

That’s not to mention his poor approval ratings either.

Perhaps Psaki should have mentioned that when discussing the debates instead of Trump potentially ditching them.

The former president even said he’d debate Biden at the New York courthouse where his hush money trial is taking place.

There’s been no evidence that Trump would think about backing out of a debate with Joe Biden.

But Psaki and the Left want to try and paint a picture of Donald Trump being backed into a corner.

In all reality, the Biden campaign is desperate to improve their standings in the polls. They were the ones backed into a corner with no other option.

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