Federal judge makes jaw-dropping southern border decision

Joe Biden

The crisis at the southern border is out of control. Americans have been demanding action for years now.

That’s why no one could believe that a federal judge handed down this jaw-dropping ruling about the southern border.

On Tuesday, a federal court stopped immigration authorities from denying asylum to migrants who cross the border between the United States and Mexico without previously filing online or seeking refuge in a nation they transited. To allow the government time to appeal, the judge put off the implementation of his verdict.

As the limits on asylum based on the coronavirus expired in May, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar of the Northern District of California issued an order removing a crucial enforcement instrument put in place by the Biden administration.

Starting in early 2020, the United States was able to remove millions of individuals on the basis of limiting the spread of COVID-19 by using a provision known as Title 42.

Asylum-seeking refugees were severely restricted by the new regulation. It was conditional and didn’t apply to minors on their own journeys. The deadline for Tigar’s order to take effect is in two weeks.

Groups advocating for immigrants’ rights filed the suit, claiming the ban violated a constitutional guarantee of refuge for all lawful aliens in the United States.

According to the advocacy organizations, it places migrants in a perilous position of having to seek refuge in nations that don’t have the same strong asylum system and human rights safeguards as the United States.

They complained that there weren’t enough appointment slots and language options on the government-recommended CBP One app for migrants.

To find a middle ground between tough border enforcement and guaranteeing several routes for refugees to seek credible asylum claims, the Biden administration cited the asylum rule as a fundamental aspect of its approach.

The law was enacted in reaction to a mass outflow of migrants from nations with political and economic instability, like Venezuela.

The regulation has been criticized for being essentially an updated version of two previous attempts by President Trump to restrict asylum claims from those crossing the southern border.

The Trump administration’s efforts to restrict asylum for those who don’t ask for protection in a transit nation before arriving in the U.S. were upheld by the Supreme Court in the end.

However, Trump’s attempt to prevent asylum claims outside of designated border crossing points became bogged down in court challenges and was never implemented.

The new regulation was announced by the Biden administration, which stressed the complexities of an immigrant population that had previously been dominated by adults from Mexico. Now the immigrants are coming from a variety of South American nations and regions.

In the eyes of many Americans, this will be viewed as a major loss for trying to secure the southern border.

It simply makes sense that those who don’t have a legitimate claim to asylum shouldn’t be allowed to enter the United States and then make their case.

No one has a right to migrate to the United States. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from.

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