First Lady Jill Biden humiliated in front of thousands

jill biden

Embarrassing one’s self must run in the Biden family. Even President Biden’s wife isn’t exempt from it.

And First Lady Jill Biden was humiliated in front of thousands.

Last Tuesday, First Lady Jill Biden visited a high school in West Valley City, Utah.

The name of the high school was Hunter High School.

But while speaking in front of students and teachers, Biden stood behind a podium that said “Hunter High.”

Of course the image of her standing behind the podium went viral due to her stepson, Hunter Biden’s infamous drug addiction.

“As someone who’s done a lot of “advance” work in politics, I’m really curious who screwed up & approved this podium sign for @FLOTUS. Either that or they’re trolling us,” one X user stated.

The first lady either didn’t notice the sign on the podium, or simply decided not to address it.

Instead, she touted her husband Joe Biden’s alleged success during his presidency thus far.

“President Biden has delivered on his promises to you: from addressing the mental health and academic needs of our students, to passing a bipartisan gun safety law, to loan forgiveness for public servants, including educators,” Jill Biden said.

“We’re all here because we heard the same calling – and we answered it,” she said to the teachers in the room.

“We answered it because we’re learners – collecting all the wisdom, and art, and insight humanity has to offer.”

Even members of Jill Biden’s staff are too inept to realize that the sign could cause an embarrassing circumstance for the Biden family.

This is just another example of the Biden admin. not using common sense to solve a simple solution.

There will probably be more examples of their idiocy as the Biden presidency moves forward.

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