Former Bill Clinton adviser delivers gut-wrenching news to the Democrat Party

Dick Morris

The Left is starting to panic over the 2024 election. They’re fearing for the worst.

And a former Bill Clinton adviser delivers gut-wrenching news to the Democrat Party.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are set to make a run for a second term in the Oval Office in 2024.

The only problem is, there is growing concern with Democrats that the Biden/Harris ticket may not be so successful.

And the polls back these concerns up.

In a recent New York Times/Siena College survey, the 80-year-old commander-in-chief is behind former President Donald Trump in swing states like, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

These are all states President Biden was able to carry in the 2020 election.

Former adviser to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris also believes Biden is in trouble, telling the New York Post that there is “no path forward,” for the president to win reelection.

Morris believes that the Democratic National Committee may neglect to give Joe Biden delegates during the party’s convention, allowing instead for someone like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg or Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) to become the Democrat nominee for president.

A senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and political analyst, Henry Olsen also thinks that President Biden should drop out.

Olsen does specify his opinion by adding that the alternative for Democrats and Biden should be “center-left,” should have “no connection to the [Biden] administration” and is several decades younger than Biden.

He also adds that “if Biden dropping out creates an open primary that leads to somebody to Biden’s left emerging, then Biden would perhaps do better.”

Henry Olsen also links Joe Biden’s approval ratings, specifically employment approval ratings, as a downfall for the president.

The political analyst explains that Biden’s “historically low job approval ratings, and the polling nationally has been showing a 4 to 5 point swing from 2020 to today, so we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s bleeding in these states that he won by less than a percent.”

“If Biden can turn around his job approval ratings, he could start to rise in the polls.”

The analysis by both Henry Olsen and Dick Morris come in the wake of a post on X by former President Barak Obama strategist David Axelrod who suggested that Joe Biden should consider dropping out of the race because it might not be in the best interest of the country if he were to continue onward as the Democrat nominee.

As of now, President Biden doesn’t have any plans to suspend his campaign.

And that only has Democrats growing increasingly worried that him staying in the running may hand Donald Trump the presidency in 2024.

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