Former President Trump launched a new plan that has Joe Biden scared to death

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Trump is ready to take on Biden again in a rematch of 2020. But that’s the last thing the current President wants.

And former President Trump launched a new plan that has Joe Biden scared to death.

Donald Trump has not been present at any of the two Republican primary debates so far in 2023.

He’s made it known that he will most certainly not be at any future ones as well.

But that hasn’t stopped him from pledging that he will be in attendance for a national debate between him and President Joe Biden.

Senior Trump adviser Chris LaCivita announced after the second GOP debate that Donald Trump will indeed debate Joe Biden.

“Don’t worry @JoeBiden….you will get your chance to Debate @realDonaldTrump….counting down the days,” LaCivita said in a post on X.

Chris LaCivita has also asked the Republican National Committee to not hold any future debates among primary candidates, feeling that Trump has pretty much secured the nomination.

Biden hasn’t offered the same pledge as Trump though.

“We haven’t had any real substantive conversations about that quite yet,” the President’s campaign team said a few weeks ago when asked about his participation in any presidential debates.

Former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany believes Biden has a good excuse for not showing up to a general election debate.

“You are giving Joe Biden a card to say, ‘I’m going to use the Trump debate standard and not show up because I’m so ahead in my internal polls. I’m just not coming,’ so you’re giving a card to your opponent that he could pull if he tried,” McEnany said after Trump skipped the first Republican debate.

Even though the former President hasn’t been at any debates thus far, his poll numbers continue to rise.

He believes that he has nothing to gain from participating, as all the current candidates would spend most of the time attacking him and his record.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) did just that in the second debate by challenging Trump to defend his policies during his first term as president.

DeSantis also invited Donald Trump to debate him one-on-one.

Trump will likely decline the offer.

If Joe Biden does decide to debate the former President, expect a lively performance from Donald Trump.

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