Gold Star family exposes Biden with shocking new information

Christy Shamblin

When Joe Biden lies, many people pass it off as his failing mental health. But now, it seems there is something more sinister going on.

And a Gold Star family has exposed Biden with this shocking new information.

In an interview this week, Gold Star family member Christy Shamblin revealed that President Joe Biden has never gotten in touch with them.

Shamblin’s daughter-in-law, Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee, was murdered during President Biden’s catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan in 2021.

Shamblin made the comments during an interview with Abby Phillip on CNN’s “The Lead” on Wednesday.

Shamblin was the guest of House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul for Thursday night’s State of the Union speech.

“What do you want to hear from him about the two years ago what happened to your daughter-in-law?” Phillip enquired.

“I wonder how he’s going to strengthen our Armed Forces and support them and answer our questions and lead to a thorough investigation like they promised, so that we can move forward in a positive way and make it better,” replied Shamblin.

“President Biden, he’s often called the ‘consoler in chief,” claimed host Phillip.

“He does talk to families who’ve lost loved ones because of his own experiences. Have you experienced that from him as you’ve been coping with the death of Nicole?”

Shamblin immediately and emphatically replied, “No. No.”

Phillip seemed shocked by this and asked Shamblin for further clarification.

“No, he has not reached out to our family,” Shamblin emphasized.

“We’ve actually reached out to the White House and have never heard back. We asked to meet with them to kind of understand where their thinking was in calling this a success, and we’ve not received a response. It’s been months. No, that’s not been our experience at all.”

Shamblin’s daughter-in-law lost her life during an ISIS-K terrorist attack at the Kabul airport, along with over a dozen U.S. service members.

The Biden administration has the blood of these service members on their hands, and no matter what they try to claim, it is clear that Biden and his goons do not care.

We cannot allow this sort of failed leadership to continue any longer.

Joe Biden has proven time and time again that he does not care about the lives of American citizens.

And he is willing to lie through his teeth in order to protect his image.

Well, now the truth has come out, and he has nowhere to hide.

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