GOP Candidate exposed as a closet Democrat

Doug Burgum

The fight for the Republican presidential nomination is already underway. But it looks like the end of the road for one wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And this GOP Candidate was exposed as a closet Democrat.

The Republican primary is already far more crowded than anyone expected a year ago.

Before, it looked like Donald Trump would be the obvious frontrunner, and maybe two or three would challenge his dominance.

But there are now thirteen major candidates in the race for the nomination.

The easy thing to see so far is that conservatives want candidates who will stand up to the Left and not compromise their principles.

This hardline approach is best shown in Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the top two candidates in the race.

But some, like Chris Christie, are running a kamikaze campaign against America First conservatives, saying it’s a step too far.

Others, like Tim Scott and Mike Pence, are harkening back to the glory days of 70 years ago when America was still a great, pretending that we aren’t facing existential issues.

But one Republican is a cut above the rest, pledging that he won’t even defend the simplest of principles.

North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum, who is also seeking for the Republican presidential nomination, claimed in an interview over the weekend that if elected president, he would not battle culture war problems.

Burgum, a software industry billionaire, made the statements during an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press.”

Burgum stated that he would not sign a federal abortion ban “because it should be left to the states.”

In the interview, Burgum stated that Republican candidates should focus other issues over the cultural war.

“I believe that the president of the United States has got a defined set of things they’re supposed to work on, and it’s not every culture war topic,” he said.

“As president, things that you’re supposed to focus on, things like the economy, like energy policy, which is completely tied to national security, and part of national security is the border.”

When asked if he would approve laws addressing transgender issues, Burgum stated that focusing on such regulations is “part of what is going wrong now.”

“Anytime you’re the CEO, if you’re spending time on something that can be done, you know, in a sales office out on the front lines dealing with customers, you’re not doing your job,” he said.

“You’ve got to be looking to the future. We need a president that’s focused on the challenges that we’re being faced as a nation, not – not a president that’s going to decide whether a book is in the right section or not in a library in a small town somewhere in America.”

“The reason why we’ve got issues with our economy, with our energy policy, with national security that are just raff, it is because we are somehow, through culturally, media, whatever, trapping the presidency or expecting them to weigh in on every single thing,” he added.

“It’s not – it’s not the place that a CEO should be spending their time. It’s definitely not the place where the president should be spending their time.”

In short, Burgum will give the Left free reign with our children before and after birth, so long as the GDP ticks up a few fractions of a percent.

What a joke.

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