Greg Abbott is about to drag Biden through the mud with this lawsuit

Greg Abbott

President Biden has waged a war on Greg Abbott. But the Texas Governor isn’t putting up with it.

Because Greg Abbott is about to drag Biden through the mud with this lawsuit.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has been forced to figure out a way to protect Texas citizens from the seemingly never-ending invasion coming from the southern border with Mexico.

Earlier this year, Abbott announced that his administration would be putting in a buoy system in a section of the Rio Grande to help discourage anyone trying to illegally cross the body of water for entry into the United States.

The buoy system isn’t just designed to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing though. The Abbott administration also made it clear that it’s supposed to actually help save lives because people are going to try to cross the river even when it’s too dangerous to do so. But with the buoy system in place, individuals can hold on to something rather than being caught under the water or slammed against rough terrain.

This sounds like a win-win, right? Well, not according to the Biden administration.

The Biden administration has brought a legal challenge against the Abbott administration for implementing the buoy system, arguing that they will need to remove the buoys because it will be putting an “endangered” species of mussels found in the Rio Grande.

Furthermore, the Biden regime’s legal filing says that the buoy system is actually a threat to the “public safety” of anyone trying to cross the body of water. How that makes sense is anyone’s guess.

So now this case is before the courts, and unfortunately for Abbott, the first ruling has been handed down giving the Biden administration the edge.

On Wednesday this week, a federal judge ruled that the Texas government would need to completely get rid of the buoy system that’s in the Rio Grande and gave them a deadline until September 15th to do so.

Now, in the ruling, the Texas government is allowed to keep the buoys in place until litigation is complete. But no doubt, this is a major loss for Greg Abbott and company.

The Abbott team immediately announced that they’d be appealing this ruling to the higher courts and even said they will take this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if they have to.

“Today’s court decision merely prolongs President Biden’s willful refusal to acknowledge that Texas is rightfully stepping up to do the job that he should have been doing all along,” Abbott declared in a press statement.

Ultimately, the judge’s decision came down to describing the waters as “navigable” and therefore the Abbott administration needed approval from the federal government before they were allowed to implement the buoys.

“Unfortunately for Texas, permission is exactly what federal law requires before installing obstructions in the nation’s navigable waters,” the judge said in his ruling.

Greg Abbott also emphasized that, at the end of the day, this is about securing safety for Texans. He reiterated that he will use all the tools at his disposal to do so since the Biden administration refuses to lift a finger.

“We will continue to utilize every strategy to secure the border, including deploying Texas National Guard soldiers and Department of Public Safety troopers and installing strategic barriers,” Greg Abbott has said. “Our battle to defend Texas’ sovereign authority to protect lives from the chaos caused by President Biden’s open border policies has only begun.”

It is unclear if the Abbott administration has any plans to remove the buoy system at this time, though they will almost certainly face more legal trouble should they ignore the September 15 deadline they’ve been given.

That would certainly set up for an interesting showdown between Abbott, who is ultimately trying to protect his constituency, and President Biden, who clearly doesn’t care to do anything about the illegal immigration issue.

At the end of the day, this lawsuit is a bad look for President Biden. He may win it, but he won’t come out of it alive politically.

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