Heartbreak hits Donald Trump after family member says their final goodbye

donald trump

The Trump family has had their share of challenges over the last few years. And it only seems to get worse.

That’s because heartbreak hit Donald Trump after a family member says their final goodbye.

Donald Trump is expected to be the Republican nominee for president this year.

And some polls even have him beating President Joe Biden in the general election in November.

So with a potential second term on the horizon, Trump and his team are thinking of who will join the former president in the White House as part of his staff.

But one former member of Trump’s first administration isn’t planning to join the former president at all should he win this November.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and former adviser during his first term, has announced that he will not join his father-in-law in the White House if he beats Biden for the presidency.

Instead, Kushner plans on putting his focus on Affinity Partners, his investment firm.

“I was very fortunate to play a role in the campaign and then join him in the administration,” Kushner said to Dan Primack, the Business Editor at Axios.

“There was some incredible things we were able to get done together. Very, very proud of them. But this time, I think he’ll be able to build a really incredible team based on the people who are available.”

Kushner also added that he “enjoyed” working in the White House but also likes spending time with his family and being away from the spotlight.

“I think that the team around him is maybe the best he’s had,” Kushner said of Trump’s campaign team.

“They’re doing an incredible job. And I suspect that if he gets into office again, he would have just the level of competence and professionalism, even more so than it was in the last administration.”

Ivanka Trump, the former president’s daughter and Kushner’s wife, has already said last year that she will not be assisting with the Trump campaign this election cycle, nor will she go back to the White House.

“I love my father very much. This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family. I do not plan to be involved in politics,” Ivanka said.

“While I will always love and support my father, going forward I will do so outside the political arena. I am grateful to have had the honor of serving the American people and will always be proud of many of our administration’s accomplishments.”

The Leftist media will try and spin this announcement by Kushner in a way that makes him seem like he’s betraying Donald Trump.

But in reality, he wants to enjoy time with his family without being involved in the ruthless political spotlight where he’ll be attacked for working with Trump.

So can anyone blame him for his decision?

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