Hillary Clinton gives a rage-filled response when asked about the presidential election

hillary clinton

Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in 2016 was one of the worst political defeats of all time. And it looks like she still hasn’t gotten over it.

As Hillary Clinton gives a rage-filled response when asked about the presidential election.

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds in the media to discuss the 2024 presidential election.

She’s constantly delivered her support of President Joe Biden over the recent months but has also made it a point to bash former President Donald Trump.

Clinton continued with that theme while making an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon.

But when discussing how American voters aren’t thrilled with choosing between Trump and Biden for the presidency, Clinton gave a frustrated response to those complaints, saying, “get over yourself.”

“One is old and effective and compassionate, has a heart, and really cares about people,” she said about Biden.

“And one is old and has been charged with 91 felonies,” Clinton said referring to Trump. “I don’t understand why this is even a hard choice. Really. I don’t understand.”

Then she started spouting off the usual nonsense about how the country and democracy are at stake if Biden doesn’t defeat Trump in the general election in November.

“We have to go through the election, and hopefully, people will realize what’s at stake. Because it’s an existential question. What kind of country we’re gonna have? What kind of democracy we’re gonna have?” said Clinton.

“And people who blow that off are not paying attention because it’s not like Trump, his enablers, his empowerers, his allies are not telling us what they want to do. I mean, they’re pretty clear about what kind of country they want.”

Clinton has taken a rather interesting approach to helping Biden get reelected this fall.

Most supporters of the 81-year-old president try to deflect concerns about his age, but Clinton has directly admitted that he’s an old man.

But instead of saying that there’s anything wrong with that, she’ll claim that while he’s old, he’s still a much more effective and safe option than Donald Trump is.

“Somebody the other day said to me … ‘Well, but, you know, Joe Biden’s old.’ I said, ‘You know what, Joe Biden is old. Let’s go ahead and accept the reality. Joe Biden is old,'” the former first lady said in March while appearing on SiriusXM’s “Mornings with Zerlina.”

And yes, Trump, who’s 77, is no spring chicken. But opposite of what Clinton claims, he’s much more effective than Biden.

His policies from his last term and his proposed ones if he were to win a second term, prove that.

Trump can also speak coherently and isn’t afraid to address the press, unlike Biden who usually hides away from them.

So yes, Hillary Clinton is right, the choice is clear. But she’s wrong on which choice is the right one.

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