Hillary Clinton is in disarray after being exposed as having told this one major falsehood

Hillary Clinton

The Clintons always manage to stick their ugly heads out, no matter how hard anyone tries to stop it. They wish they could hide beneath a rock this time, though.

And after being exposed for this one huge falsehood, Hillary Clinton is in complete disarray.

Americans are tired of Hillary Clinton. She is still causing a stir in politics, though.

She recently re-entered the public eye, commenting on everything from the 2022 midterm elections to the 2024 presidential race to asking for Clarence Thomas, a justice of the Supreme Court, to resign.

It is clear that she is attempting a comeback following her abject campaign for president against Donald Trump in 2016.

She is currently, however, in the news for spreading a significant untruth on Twitter.

Hillary asserted in a series of tweets that, given the controversy surrounding her private email server years earlier, punishing Trump for holding onto allegedly confidential data would not be hypocritical.

She even claimed that checks of her personal email server revealed no evidence of any classified correspondence.

Of course, everything here is a lie. But who would anticipate anything different from someone who has made a career out of lying?

According to a Department of Justice inspector general’s report from 2018, Hillary Clinton’s private email server contained “81 email chains containing roughly 193 individual emails” that were “classified from the CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET levels at the time.”

And on Twitter, conservatives made sure she was aware of that.

According to Fox News, there are many people who are criticizing her:

“Literally a lie,” Conservative Twitter personality Noam Blum wrote, including a video of then-FBI Director James Comey making the admission.

“We’re never escaping 2016. Ever. As long as you know this and are prepared,” The Spectator’s Stephen Miller tweeted.

Journalist Ben Leo wrote, “’The fact is that I had zero emails that were classified.’ That’s because you deleted them all.”

Washington Times columnist Tim Young tweeted, “Don’t wait up for this complete lie to be fact checked.”

“Unless there’s some hyper-technical distinction I’m missing here, this is…not true,” Reason associate editor Christian Britschgi wrote.

“Fact check: Astonishingly false,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted.

Unfortunately, Hillary has already escaped punishment for committing this crime. Additionally, since the mainstream media has already defended her, it won’t be surprising if this story loses momentum shortly.