Hillary Clinton just proved how truly moronic she is with one tweet

hillary clinton

Everyone just wants Hillary Clinton to go away already. Her ego won’t let that happen.

But Hillary Clinton just proved how truly dense she is with this one tweet.

In the wake of the Nashville, Tennessee tragedy, Democrats have been seizing on their opportunity to get in the spotlight.

The Democrats calling for “common-sense” gun legislation aren’t actually willing to do anything about it at all. They just want to virtue signal the issue and get brownie points with their political base.

Even irrelevant politicians are coming out of the woodwork to make sure they get their two cents in so they can get a pat on the back.

And who’s more irrelevant than Hillary Clinton today?

Clinton took to Twitter to say her piece, which was really just for her to get praised by her radical base.

She noted that there was an “assault weapons ban” between the years of 1994 and 2004 that limited civilians being able to buy some weapons and gun accessories.

She then argued that “mass shootings” dropped during that time period and that we needed that ban back.

“We had an assault weapons ban from 1994-2004 that prohibited the manufacture or sale for civilian use of certain semi-automatic weapons and banned magazines with 10 rounds or more,” Clinton said.

“Mass shootings dropped during that decade. We did it once and should do it again,” Clinton added.

Hillary probably put all of 4 seconds of thought into this issue before she decided to put this dumb take on the internet.

There’s a couple of really good reasons why we absolutely should not bring back an assault weapons ban.

The first and most important reason is that it violates the Second Amendment. Simple as that.

The Second Amendment is quite clear with the whole “shall not be infringed” bit that the Founding Fathers included, obviously on purpose.

Leftists really don’t like that pesky part. It gets in the way.

Secondly, there’s no evidence that the assault weapons ban that she’s referring to did anything at all to reduce gun violence.

There were already tens of millions – potentially hundreds of millions – of rifles that were already in circulation in the United States when this ban went into place on new sales.

Did these weapons just suddenly disappear when this ban was put in place? Of course not. The reality is that she’s assuming correlation means causation.

Total gun-related homicides also dropped during that ten-year period, which the assault weapons band obviously can’t take credit for if the ban only applied to a very small number of overall weapons.

Hillary also got blasted in response to her Tweet as many users found it rich that Hillary was talking about gun safety when she really wasn’t interested in saving lives during her time as the Secretary of State.

We liked it when Hillary Clinton was in hiding after getting embarrassed during the 2016 election. She should try that again.

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