Hillary Clinton knows something about Joe Biden that will sink his campaign

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton made a big mistake back in 2016. President Biden is making the same one.

And now Hillary Clinton knows something about Joe Biden that will sink his campaign.

Back in 2015-2016, Hillary Clinton was assumed to be the leading candidate that would sweep the electoral college when Americans took to the ballot box in November of 2016.

But, of course, that didn’t happen. Since then, political experts have tried to figure out what the reasons were for her stunning loss to political newcomer Donald Trump.

Some say she didn’t focus on the right states, that she didn’t run enough political advertising compared to Donald Trump, and others say she lost the election during the debates with Trump.

But ultimately, everyone agrees that there’s one mistake that Hillary Clinton made that Donald Trump did not, and that was connecting with the average voter in America.

Clinton was completely out-of-touch with middle America and suburban America compared to Donald Trump. She alienated herself from the voters who had switched from being Barack Obama voters to becoming Donald Trump voters.

The math supports this too. There were a substantial amount of people who switched from voting for Barack Obama to being Donald Trump voters, otherwise, Trump never would’ve been able to win in the first place. He needed to convince those voters that he was the person for the job, and he did. Hillary did not.

Fast forward to today, and Hillary Clinton is watching something very similar play out with Joe Biden for the 2024 election, and recent polls prove it.

According to an MSNBC poll recently conducted, which tends to be left-leaning anyway, Joe Biden’s favorability rating is just 39% positive compared to 48% negative.

What’s significant about this, as MSNBC points out, is that this is almost a match for Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she carried a 40% positive and 50% negative rating.

So Joe Biden’s is arguably just a little bit worse than Hillary Clinton’s was seven years ago now.

MSNBC writes:

And our most recent NBC News poll had Biden’s fav/unfav in the same territory (39% positive, 48% negative) as Hillary Clinton’s was in our Oct. 2016 poll (40% positive, 50% negative).

They also note that another Quinnipac poll demonstrates that Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s favorability rating appears to be just about the same.

They also appear to be in a virtual tie if the general election was held today between those two as a rematch of the 2020 election season.

The mistake that Hillary Clinton made of being out of touch with the average American is one that Joe Biden is making today. That is evident in the fact that his favorability has tanked hard and has never recovered.

So, at one point, Americans generally viewed Joe Biden as an “OK” guy, which makes sense. He seems like the type of guy you could get a beer with at first.

But wanting to get a beer with someone and learning about their failures to lead the nation well as Joe Biden has failed to do are two different things.

Joe Biden may find himself losing 2024 big time to a candidate like Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis because of just how poorly Americans believe he is doing.

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