House Republicans handcuffed President Biden with a major new bill

Joe Biden

Republicans in the U.S. House have been on Biden’s case for months. Now they are taking serious action.

Because House Republicans have handcuffed President Biden with a major new law they’ve passed.

Accountability is something that Washington, D.C. politics has been lacking for decades now, and it is seemingly only getting worse.

That’s why Republicans before the 2022 midterms were harping on holding the Joe Biden administration accountable for their actions.

That includes Biden and his family for their alleged crimes over the year, as well as the executive branch under Biden’s “leadership” for its weaponization of the federal government.

House Republicans have been doing everything in their power to live up to these promises, and their latest move is certain to make the conservative base happy.

With Republicans in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, reports are circling that they are preparing to pass a bill that will handcuff Biden’s ability to implement “major” executive branch rules without Senate and House approval.

The bill, called the Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny (REINS), is designed to require the White House to get approval from the House and the Senate whenever they are seeking to implement new rules that will effect American society in a “major” way.

They define a “major” rule as a rule or new regulation that will either impact the American economy in a signficant way, increase prices of goods for consumers, as well as impact economic competition between companies and for employment.

Republican Representative from Florida, Kat Cammack, introduced the bill to the House floor for consideration.

“Today I think people can all agree, regardless of what political affiliation you have, that there is a new fourth branch of government and it’s the regulatory regime,” Cammack shared with the media speaking on the bill.

She criticized both major political parties for using the growing, out-of-control power of the executive branch for their own benefit.

“It’s been weaponized by both parties instead of going through the traditional legislative process we now have nameless, faceless bureaucrats in basements all over Washington, D.C.” she added.

Of course, Democrats are criticizing the bill saying that it will make it too difficult for the executive branch to do its job of upholding the law through rules and regulations.

But if anything, we’ve gone way too far on the other end of the spectrum with the current White House administration trying to use executive orders to skirt Congressional approval.

Obviously, Joe Biden would be vetoing this bill should it be able to make its way through the U.S. Senate.

But it does put pressure on Biden and the Democrats to get on record with a vote on a bill that the vast majority of Americans will support.

Congressmembers can vote against this common-sense bill at their own peril.

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