Impeachment rumors rattle Capitol Hill to its core


The worst thing you can do to a politician is take his job. They live for the limelight.

That’s why these impeachment rumors rattled Capitol Hill to its core.

With the news of Donald Trump’s indictment making headlines across the nation, many are understandably angry.

Trump is obviously being targeted since he is the chief political rival of President Joe Biden.

But others have been accused and proven to have committed far worse crimes, including Biden and the Clintons.

Yet, they always seem to weasel their way out of it, with prosecutors refusing to prosecute.

Well that injustice isn’t sitting well with major Republicans in Congress, so they’re taking the fight to Joe Biden.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said there is a “mountain of evidence” to impeach President Joe Biden, while also vowing her support for former President Donald Trump, who has been indicted for the third time this year.

“Republicans need to open their eyes,” Greene posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Wednesday morning. “The media is going to do their best to try to say impeaching Biden is political paybacks. That’s 100% BULL****.”

Greene has recently renewed calls to impeach Biden, having sponsored three articles of impeachment against him since he took office in January 2021.

After Republicans reclaimed the House majority in January, Greene introduced the first impeachment resolution against Biden in May.

Greene called Biden a “criminal in chief” and accused the media of being politically biased in favor of the president.

“Impeachment of Biden is because he’s a CRIMINAL and we have a mountain of evidence proving it and gaining more daily,” Greene continued. “Don’t fall for the stupid plays of media spin and interview pressures. DO THE RIGHT THING. Impeach the CRIMINAL IN CHEIF!!!”

On X, she emphasized her continued support for the former president and stated that she would “still vote for Trump even if he’s in jail.”

Greene advocated for the deletion of Trump’s impeachment record, asking those who voted against impeachment to vote for it.

“These egregious impeachments must be expunged,” Greene posted on X. “They are stains on the House of Representatives that should not be allowed to stand. It’s simple. If you voted NO on impeachment then you should be able to easily vote YES to expungement.”

The current GOP front-runner was impeached in 2019 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, and he was impeached again in 2021 after a riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, when his supporters attempted to reverse Biden’s election victory.

On late Wednesday afternoon, a grand jury appointed by special counsel Jack Smith accused Trump with four felony counts related to his alleged election subversion in 2020.

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