Infamous Democrat eyeing return to office in a stunning twist

andrew cuomo

Controversy seems to follow almost every Leftist politician. But that isn’t stopping this one from seeking more power.

And an infamous Democrat is eyeing a return to office in a stunning twist.

New York City is in a current state of decay.

That’s thanks to Leftist policies from Mayor Eric Adams (D) who has let illegal immigrants run rampant in the city.

Because of that, Adams’ approval rating has dipped all the way down to 28% according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

This is the lowest approval rating for any mayor since polling began in 1996 for Quinnipiac.

Another new poll from American Pulse & Research shows that 44% of Democrats favor former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D).

That’s compared to 24% who favor Adams and a third of respondents who answered as undecided.

Adams’ time in office has been met with criticism for his handling of the influx of illegal aliens as well as cutting the budget for the New York Police Department.

He’s also facing allegations of s*xual assault that date back to 1993. The mayor has denied those allegations.

If Cuomo were to come back and run for public office like mayor of New York City, he would have to try and distance himself from his own controversies.

In August of 2021, he resigned as New York’s governor after being hit with multiple s*xual assault allegations. Cuomo has also denied the allegations and is currently only facing one s*xual harassment lawsuit from a former employee, Brittany Commisso.

“Ms. Commisso’s claims are provably false, which is why the Albany District Attorney dismissed the case two years ago after a thorough investigation,” Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin told the Washington Examiner.

The former governor’s handling of the COVID crisis in New York has also brought about controversy for him.

Democrats deem his handling a success, but Republicans felt as though he couldn’t have handled the pandemic any worse.

While polls certainly show that he’s favored far more than Adams, Cuomo is reportedly not interested in running against the current mayor, as he considers him a friend, according to Politico.

However, Cuomo has indicated that he is interested in running for public office again, telling Politico that, “I haven’t ruled any in; I haven’t ruled any out.”

And while he believes Mayor Adams’ job has been made more difficult due to investigations he’s under, Cuomo still found a way to critique his pal for the immigration crisis in the city.

Cuomo stated that “there is no legal, moral, political argument why New York City should be responsible for 130,000 migrants.”

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo may consider Mayor Eric Adams a friend, but his desire to run for public office may just put that friendship on the back burner as he mulls over the decision to run for mayor.

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