Jen Psaki fell flat on her face in front of millions

Jen Psaki

Politicians and their lackeys aren’t perfect and make mistakes every now and then. But Psaki really dropped the ball on this one.

And Jen Psaki fell flat on her face in front of millions.

The first Republican presidential primary debate was last night.

And many Democrats used the debate as a chance to peddle their radical ideas on social media.

After the Republican candidates were asked about abortion, many of them accurately claimed that leftists don’t support any restrictions on abortion, including up to 9 months of a pregnancy.

That didn’t stop Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary for Joe Biden, from posting, “no one supports abortion up until birth” on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Psaki’s statement of course is false.

Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, DC are blue states and do not have any limits on abortion.

According to Breitbart, “Many other Democrat-run states, like California, New York, and Illinois, allow abortions up to ‘viability’ but allow abortions later in pregnancy with limited exceptions, including if a woman’s ‘mental health’ is in danger.”

And earlier this year, Democrats in the U.S. Senate proposed the “Women’s Health Protection Act” which also would have allowed abortion up until birth.

The “Women’s Health Protection Act” would also ruin any chance of passing pro-life laws on a state level.

“The legislation would usurp states’ ability to pass strong pro-life laws and would allow abortion through all nine months of pregnancy,” said Breitbart.

And no one can forget when former Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam expressed his support for born-alive abortions.

No matter how hard Democrats like Psaki try to cover it up, their extremism will be exposed one way or another.

That was certainly evident last night after the failed White House press secretary received thousands of responses explaining how wrong she was.

Maybe it’s time Jen Psaki circles back and gets her facts straight before posting false statements on social media again.

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