Jill Biden caught making damaging lies on national TV

jill biden

The first lady is fighting tooth and nail to help get her husband reelected this November. But her efforts will come at a price.

As Jill Biden is caught making damaging lies on national TV.

While making an appearance “CBS Mornings” this week, First Lady Jill Biden decided to spout some utter nonsense about her husband Joe Biden’s reelection chances.

Currently, President Biden is trailing any multiple battleground state polls to former President Donald Trump.

Jill Biden denied that fact in an interview on “CBS Mornings” and even confidently detailed how she isn’t worried at all that her husband will lose to Trump. In fact, she said that it’s “obvious” that President Biden will be reelected.

One of the hosts on the CBS program challenged Jill Biden, and pointed to polls that show Joe Biden trailing Trump in several key swing states.

“No, he’s not losing in all the battleground states,” the first lady said.

“He’s coming up, and he’s even or doing better.”

Sure, Joe Biden isn’t losing in ALL of the battleground states, but he is losing in six out of seven of them according to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal.

In Wisconsin, Biden and Trump are tied at 46% each, but Trump has the edge on the president in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada.

In the 2020 election, President Biden carried all of those states except for North Carolina.

So despite what Jill Biden says, he’s definitely not “coming up” or “doing better” in these states compared to Donald Trump.

The first lady also went on about how voters will ensure her husband wins in November because they’ll have the choice to vote for either “chaos” or “steady, wisdom, experience.”

Obviously, Jill Biden was referring to Trump when talking about “chaos,” but she said that with those choices, “it’s obvious” that Joe Biden will end up the winner of the presidential election in the fall.

But is it really that “obvious” that President Biden is the right choice for Americans this fall?

And is it really that “obvious” that he’s going to cruise to victory?

Besides his poor polling numbers, his approval ratings are just as bad if not worse.

Americans have an overall negative view of the 81-year-old president and they’re tired of his radical Leftist policies that have helped weaken the nation.

Maybe that’s the sort of “chaos” Jill Biden should have mentioned in her appearance on “CBS Mornings”.

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