Jill Biden doesn’t hold back in latest assault on Donald Trump

jill biden

The first lady hasn’t been shy about her disdain for the former president. She’s desperate for him to be defeated by her husband Joe Biden in November.

And Jill Biden doesn’t hold back in her latest assault on Donald Trump.

First Lady Jill Biden has been hitting the campaign trail this year to try and encourage voters to cast their ballot for President Joe Biden on election day.

It’s been noted in the past that she can’t stand former President Donald Trump and can’t bear the thought of him winning the presidency again.

That’s why she’s going to the extreme to warn Americans about the so-called dangers of a second Trump term.

While speaking at the United Federation of Teachers conference on Saturday, Jill Biden praised her husband for being the “best education president.” And at the same time, she slammed Trump on education, claiming that he would bring “chaos and division” to it if he were reelected.

“I always believed that Joe would be the best education president,” the first lady said to the crowd.

She then added that Trump “wakes up every morning caring about one person – and one person only – himself.”

“Donald Trump doesn’t want to strengthen our public education system – he wants to destroy it. If Donald Trump is re-elected, we get chaos and division.”

“A world in which public schools are privatized and their funding is gutted, teachers unions are marginalized and lesson plans are censored and books are banned. In America, we don’t ban books.”

Jill Biden made sure to mention a classic fear-mongering talking point that the Left has been obsessed with lately, and that’s the idea that Republicans are in the business of banning books.

Republicans are looking to try and take books with explicit content in them out of schools because they are simply not appropriate for school-aged children to be reading.

The vast majority of these books have adult themes in them that include inappropriate content about the LGBT agenda.

Some of the books are available for elementary school children. Now does that seem like literature that someone in third grade should be reading?

The GOP isn’t trying to ban classic works of literature like Tom Sawyer or the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

But Jill Biden and the radical Left want Americans to think that’s the case.

There’s also no evidence that Donald Trump wants to “destroy” the education system like the first lady suggests.

Yet she still spews that lie because she knows it’s a narrative that could potentially attract voters.

After all, lying is a relied-upon strategy for the Left.

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