Jill Biden’s slip of the tongue sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage

Joe Biden

The Biden family is in massive legal trouble. They need to hide from the spotlight if they have any hope of getting off scot-free.

But Jill Biden’s slip of the tongue sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage.

With investigations into the FBI, IRS, and many other federal agencies proving they run cover for the Bidens, the Biden family itself could be on the chopping block.

That’s why Joe and Jill need to hole up at home and avoid any media attention.

But it looks like Jill didn’t get the memo, and instead embarrassed herself for the whole country to see.

Jill Biden had a Jeb Bush “please clap” moment on Thursday as her applause line went completely flat during a Washington event.

“I’ve visited red states and blue states and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions,” Biden told an audience at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in Washington, DC.

After uttering the statement, the first lady waited for a bit before reacting with astonishment to the lack of reaction from the audience.

“And, um, I thought you might clap for that,” said Biden, drawing laughs and applause.

The first lady’s appeal for praise was reminiscent of previous Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s viral campaign moment of desperation in 2016.

The former Florida governor begged an audience in New Hampshire to “please clap” after delivering a phrase from his stump speech that was supposed to stir the crowd — but didn’t.

The first lady had a similarly embarrassing incident when campaigning for her husband in 2019.

She told a tiny Iowa gathering that if Joe Biden were elected president, Americans would think, “Finally, someone is standing up to the NRA and keeping our children and our schools safe.”

Only when a stunned Jill Biden yelled, “That’s my applause line, come on!” did the comment get a response.

According to the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Institute, the RISE conference “hosts education leaders from across the country.”

The first lady is a member of the faculty of Northern Virginia Community College, where she teaches English.

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican presidential candidate in 2024, and Maryland Democratic Gov. Wes Moore were among others who spoke at the annual event.

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