Jim Jordan makes a huge confession about Donald Trump

Jim Jordan

House Republican Jim Jordan is unafraid to speak his mind. He might be making a huge mistake though.

Because Jim Jordan just made a huge confession about Donald Trump that you need to read about.

A center point of the investigation into Donald Trump’s handling of federal documents at Mar-a-Lago is whether or not Donald Trump classified the documents in question while he was President.

Trump alleges he declassified the documents and since it was public info, he was in rightful ownership of these original documents.

He did have the authority to declassify these documents thanks to a 1988 Supreme Court decision according to the Trump legal team and allies.

Recently, Jim Jordan appeared on CNN to discuss this debate over the documents in question and the recent Trump indictment.

“He decides. He alone decides. He said he declassified this material. He can put it wherever he wants and handle it however he wants. That’s the law. That’s the standard,” Jordan noted about documents found at the Mar-a-Lago raid from August.

He then went after Special Counsel Jack Smith, saying that Jack Smith doesn’t have the authority to overrule what the Supreme Court ruled in 1988.

“Jack Smith can do all this 37 different counts or whatever he wants to do, but that doesn’t change the standard that the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision said was that. He can classify, and he can control access. He has the sole authority,” he continued.

But then Jim Jordan made a major confession that he might be wishing he never made.

Jim Jordan said that he is ultimately just taking Trump on his word that he did in fact declassify the documents in the indictment case.

“I go on the president’s word. He said he did. The Supreme Court said that’s what counts. We can have all the things Jack Smith wants to say, but everyone sees this for the political operation it is,” Jim Jordan added.

Jim Jordan most certainly believes that Donald Trump can’t retroactively declassify materials while he’s not the sitting President of the United States.

So Jim Jordan is saying that he’s trusting that Trump did in fact declassify while he was in power of the White House.

The rumors flying around right now indicate that Trump may not have declassified at least some of the documents found at Mar-a-Lago and that he’s being indicted over.

That being said, even if that is the case, those documents may not meet the level of a felony indictment conviction that Joe Biden’s corrupt federal government agencies would be hoping for.

Jim Jordan and any other Republicans simply trusting Trump on his word will need to do their research to reach their own logical conclusions on the matter.

As Ronald Reagan once said, you have to “trust but verify.” But Jordan is absolutely right that the whole indictment fiasco is as political as it gets.

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