Joe Biden can’t hide from the facts of this felony charge

Joe Biden

The Biden administration has been falling apart. Scandal after scandal is popping up.

And now Joe Biden can’t hide from the facts of this major felony charge.

Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys have been ruling over the American federal government with woke “social justice” ideology as their foundation.

You’ll remember that Joe Biden set this tone himself when he said he would only pick a black woman to be his running mate during the 2020 election cycle.

He also said he’d only select a black woman to be nominated for the Supreme Court bench when a vacancy opened up.

And his executive branch is full of “diversity” hires that are somehow supposed to make the world a more fair place because they were selected based on their identities and not their qualifications.

One such hire was the former Biden official Sam Brinton, who identifies as “non-binary.”

Sam was a Biden official for the Department of Energy in early 2022, but was eventually placed on leave by the DOE after being charged with a theft felony.

Sam was charged with theft for trying to steal someone’s luggage at an airport.

A secondary charge was brought against Brinton and in December, the DOE was forced to fire Brinton altogether.

However, it seems as though the Biden administration’s intention was to ultimately keep Brinton around.

A letter obtained by Townhall dated October 28 suggests that Brinton was given full benefits and pay the first time Brinton was given notice about administrative leave.

“I hereby notify you that you are being placed on Administrative Leave, with pay, effective immediately,” Assistant Secretary Dr. Kathryn Huff wrote to Brinton in the letter.

When Brinton was busted a second time on felony charges in December of 2022, the Biden administration was forced to cut ties with Brinton or face intense backlash from the American public.

This new letter that Townhall has acquired definitely shows that the Biden administration was likely hoping that this would all just blow over.

But the reality is that Brinton has since admitted to dealing with a theft problem, even before the new position in the Biden administration.

The only way to prevent these things from happening is to hire people based on the integrity of their character and their qualifications for the job.

Hiring people based for “diversity” and ignoring character and qualifications entirely will get you in trouble.

Which is why the Joe Biden administration won’t be able to wipe the stain of Sam Brinton off of their record.

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