Joe Biden fell flat on his face with this humiliating move

Joe Biden

The Biden presidency has been a disaster so far. But the President isn’t showing any signs that it’ll improve anytime soon.

And Joe Biden fell flat on his face with this humiliating move.

As with many things, foreign relations have not been a strong suit for the President.

This was certainly evident in a recent visit to Camp David with leaders from South Korea and Japan.

During a press conference with these leaders, Biden looked every bit of 80 years old with multiple gaffes and the fumbling of his sentences.

At one point he had no idea who he was supposed to yield the floor to once he got done speaking.

That caused him to loudly exclaim, “Who am I yielding to?” before he was interrupted by an announcer.

The embarrassment didn’t stop there as the ever-confused President erroneously referred to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, as “President” after the announcer introduced him as prime minister.

Just like his partner in crime, Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden had a word salad of his own during his remarks at the press conference.

“…So we can get ahead of the issues as they appear with the experience that we’ve experienced during the pandemic – excuse me, this is falling off…”

With the 2024 election coming up, President Biden is already feeling the heat of Republicans who say he’s mentally and physically unfit to run for re-election.

And with constant mistakes during speeches like the one at Camp David, he’s not himself any favors to cool off these criticisms.

Biden finished the press conference by walking away without shaking the hands of the foreign leaders he shared a stage with.

Joe Biden’s inability to function normally at events like these is why his handlers do all they can to make sure he doesn’t go off script.

That explains why the President refused to take questions at a panel during the day’s festivities at the camp.

According to Townhall, “On Friday, Biden was caught on the hot mic during a panel with world leaders from South Korea and Japan while discussing security concerns in the Pacific, asking the press to leave. Toward the end of the panel, the 80-year-old president signaled to staffers that he wanted the reporters to leave before turning to smile at the crowd.”

Biden is only going to get older, which means his blunders will only get more frequent and more severe.

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