Joe Biden fell to his knees after Leftist celebrity makes a brutal confession about him

Jon Stewart

For years Democrats have had Hollywood celebrities in their back pockets. But now the tide is changing.

And Joe Biden fell to his knees after this Leftist celebrity makes a brutal confession about him.

President Joe Biden’s mental fitness and age have been a massive concern during his first term as president.

At 81 years old, he’s constantly making gaffe after gaffe as well as displaying a very poor memory. That’s not to mention that he’s had several embarrassing falls during his time as president.

There’s plenty of people in the world who are in their 80s and are as sharp as a tack. But Biden is not one of them.

And one Democrat celebrity/comedian just admitted this.

While performing at the Netflix is a Joke festival, Jon Stewart came out and said that Joe Biden is “so f*cking old.”

“I know liberals say, ‘Don’t say Joe Biden is old’ – don’t say what people see with their own eyes! You can say it, he can’t hear us,” Stewart stated.

“I know you know how f*cking old he is, and I know you don’t want to say it because Trump is so scary, but he’s so f*cking old. When you watch him on television, you’re nervous, aren’t ya?”

Stewart then said what a lot of Americans are currently thinking, which is that Biden “shouldn’t be president.”

“I’m not saying that Biden can’t contribute to society, he just shouldn’t be president,” the comedian said.

He then decided to lump former President Donald Trump into this discussion because of Trump’s old age as well.

“Why are we allowing this? And now we’re going to have a president that’s the two oldest people that have ever run for the office of the presidency,” Stewart continued.

In February, Stewart was hit with criticism for bringing up Biden’s poor memory and age while hosting an episode of The Daily Show.

“This guy couldn’t remember stuff during his deposition. Do you understand what that means? He had no ability to recall very basic things under questioning. The footage of the president unable to recall simple facts must have been brutal to watch,” he said at the time.

Stewart, like many Leftists who are hit with backlash, walked back some of those comments about a month later.

But now it seems like he’s back in the saddle when it comes to pointing out the president’s poor mental fitness.

And who can blame him? With Donald Trump leading Biden in a plethora of polls, it’s clear that voters trust Trump more than they do Biden when it comes to leading the country.

Although Trump is about 4 years younger than Biden, the former president looks to have a much stronger mental fitness than the current president.

Donald Trump isn’t the one making constant gaffes or forgetting the names of world leaders. He also doesn’t shuffle around a stage awkwardly like Biden has a habit of doing.

So when even Leftists are able to point this out, then you know it’s trouble for the Joe Biden campaign.

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