Joe Biden is fuming over what Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced

Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had it with Joe Biden’s games. He’s taking Biden head on.

And now Joe Biden is fuming over what Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced.

If it wasn’t for Joe Biden and his administration, the southern border wouldn’t be nearly as much of a disaster.

It’s their complete unwillingness to do anything that has left America with thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants coming into this country ever single day.

Republicans can only sit around and wait for so long before they have to take action into their own hands.

And Greg Abbott has had enough.

The Texas state military has built an 8-foot anti-climb fence near one of the busiest points of illegal immigration along the Texas-Mexico border.

The state debuted an anti-climb barrier near Brownsville, not far from the Gulf Coast, to prevent people from entering in large groups, as Border Patrol authorities in the region are accustomed to seeing, according to Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) office.

“We have bad actors that are coming over, opening up the [concertina wire, and] allowing traffic to move through,” Texas National Guard Capt. Chris Daniel said in a statement.

“They’re going to have to do a lot more cutting to get through the [anti-climb barrier].”

Last week, Texas National Guard Engineer Special Response Teams began erecting the anti-climb fence and repairing existing concertina wire that had been stomped on by gangs who had trespassed through the area after crossing the Rio Grande.

According to the state’s release, the anti-climb fence is intended to make it impossible for someone on the southern side of the fence to lean a ladder against the barrier and scale.

“What we’re trying to do is create a barrier that’s going to allow Task Force South, [Department of Public Safety], whoever else is down here, and some of the drone teams to be able to hopefully intercept those bad actors and stop them from manipulating those barriers,” Daniel said.

The length of the anti-climb barrier was not disclosed, and the state did not respond to demands for comment.

As illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border increased, Abbott initiated Operation Lone Star in 2021.

More than 10,000 National Guard soldiers and state police officers have been sent to the border to aid the Border Patrol in apprehending illegal immigrants, yet only federal authorities can arrest them.

Texas is facing legal action as it attempts to prevent Border Patrol officials from destroying concertina wire deployed near the border and defends its use of a 1,000-foot string of red buoys in the river.

You get in trouble with elites in Washington if you have the audacity to stop the invasion happening daily.

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