Joe Biden is red with rage after being handed this bombshell Christmas surprise

Joe and Jill Biden spent Christmas at the White House in Washington, D.C. Biden is using this time to talk with his family about his plans for 2024 before he makes them public in the coming weeks.

But now Joe Biden is red with rage after being handed this bombshell Christmas surprise.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, sent three buses with 150 illegal immigrants to the home of Vice President Kamala Harris at the National Observatory in Washington, D.C. This caused a firestorm on the Left.

Governor Abbott is getting more and more angry that the Biden administration isn’t taking the border crisis they caused seriously.

In the past few months, Governor Abbott sent thousands of illegal immigrants from Texas to cities like Washington, D.C., Denver, New York, and Chicago that are safe havens for immigrants and are run by Democrats.

But Abbott does more than just send buses full of illegal immigrants out of Texas.

He also sent the Texas National Guard to build barriers along the border as part of Operation Lone Star. This was done after the City of El Paso declared a disaster because so many illegal immigrants were coming across the border.

Under President Joe Biden, a record number of people who shouldn’t be in the country have come in.

Border Patrol agents caught more than 409,000 illegal immigrants in the first two months of the new Fiscal Year 2023.

This number doesn’t include the 140,000 people who were called “got-aways,” which means they hid from Border Patrol agents, or those who were never found.

Fed up with President Biden’s lack of action, Governor Abbott had the Texas National Guard build more than two miles of razor-wire border fencing near El Paso over the Christmas holiday.

“This morning, service members deployed to El Paso, Texas constructed a triple-strand concertina barrier near the border to secure the area from illegal crossings,” Major General Roald “Win” Burkett said in a video posted on Twitter by the Texas Military Dept.

On the video, members of the state’s National Guard were seen putting up a three-strand concertina barrier “to keep people from crossing the border illegally.”

“They’re focused on deterrence, they’re focused on sending a message that unlawful crossings is not an option,” General Burkett stated. “You’ve got to go to the POE (Port of Entry).”

Within three days, the soldiers in El Paso were able to string triple-level wire along the riverbank for more than two miles.

“All sectors along the border are increasing their response posture to protect Texas against the flood of migrants and cartel activity streaming into our state,” another Tweet read.

The Biden border crisis is getting worse every day because Joe Biden and other Democrats won’t do anything to try to fix it.

Because of this, Republican governors like Greg Abbott are doing everything they can to protect their states while also doing work that should be Biden’s job.

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