Joe Biden is shaking in fear after what this Republican just threatened to do

Joe Biden

The GOP is sick and tired of Biden’s failed leadership. They want nothing more than for him to just be a one-term president.

And Joe Biden is shaking in fear after what this Republican just threatened to do.

This past Tuesday resulted in utter chaos after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump could not appear on the state’s presidential ballot.

The Court used the Fourteenth Amendment in their reasoning, citing that Trump participated in an insurrection on January 6, and was therefore disqualified from the ballot.

But now Republicans are fighting back and in a big way.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick made an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” where he told viewers that Texas should look into removing Biden from their state ballot.

Patrick’s comments came after he and host Laura Ingraham discussed a new Texas law that gives police the authority to arrest any migrant who is caught crossing the border illegally.

“The White House said today this law won’t make communities safer your response?” Ingraham asked Patrick.

“So, we spent a lot of time writing this bill along with the governor and we believe we have a bill that will survive any type of Supreme Court challenge because we are being invaded. Arizona tried this about 10 years ago but our law is different,” Patrick began in his response.

“It simply says that our law enforcement can arrest anyone, take them in, do a background which can photograph, do fingerprints. If they saw them cross the border illegally, we can do that or if they happen to reveal in the arrest stop that they crossed illegally.”

“Then the magistrate will send them back and will escort them to the border. They have a choice, they go to jail or they can go back.”

“And if they go back and try to come back again and rearrest them again, the penalty gets even higher. We are fed up,” Patrick added.

Under the Biden administration’s failed leadership regarding border control, the United States has seen a mass influx of illegal aliens invade it’s southern border.

Even some Democrats, specifically Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, are sick and tired of Biden’s lack of response toward the situation that has his city – and many cities like it – being flooded with illegal migrants.

And Patrick thinks maybe Biden should be left off the ballot for his total failure at securing the border.

“Seeing what happened in Colorado makes me think – except we believe in democracy in Texas – maybe we should take Joe Biden off the ballot in Texas for allowing eight million people to cross the border since he’s been president disrupting our state for more than anything anyone else has done in recent history,” the lieutenant governor continued.

“And so so this is so outrageous. 10,000, 12,000, 14,000 people a day crossing the border. 8 million since we have been in office. It’s enough to be the 12th largest state it’s incredible.”

Will Republicans like Patrick actually make efforts to take Biden off the border?

They likely won’t go to the extent Democrats did to have Trump removed, but they are serious in holding Joe Biden and his administration accountable for their failures on immigration.

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