Joe Biden just got double-crossed by an ally he thought he could trust

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Democrats are starting to get restless with Biden. His approval ratings are getting worse by the day.

And Joe Biden just got double-crossed by an ally he thought he could trust.

Tom Suozzi, a former Democrat representative, has recently expressed that he doesn’t want to be seen with President Joe Biden as he runs to replace former Rep. George Santos’ (R-NY) seat.

Suozzi is running against Mazi Pilip who is the Republican candidate in the race for the Third Congressional District in New York.

Biden went to New York on Wednesday but didn’t make any sort of joint appearance with Suozzi during his stop.

“I can pretty much guarantee the president is not going to be coming to campaign,” Suozzi said while speaking with CNN on Monday.

“I don’t think it would be helpful, just as I don’t think Donald Trump would be helpful to my opponent.”

“It’s a very tough seat,” Suozzi said, who previously represented the district from 2017 to 2023.

“Democrats have been losing everything on Long Island and northeast Queens for the past three years. The Democratic brand is in trouble here, and we have to do a lot to overcome that.”

Suozzi also told the New York Post that “the progressive left win of the Democratic Party is hurting Democrats throughout the country.”

But while Suozzi tries to distance himself from Biden and hardcore progressives, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is proving that the former congressman actually approves of Biden more than he’d like to lead on.

“Tom Suozzi can try his best to hide his friendship with Joe Biden, but the truth is he voted with him 100% of the time while in Congress,” Savannah Viar, a spokeswoman for the NRCC said in a statement.

“Joe Biden and Tom Suozzi are two sides of the same, rusty unwanted coin,” she continued.

According to an Emerson College/PIX11 poll, Suozzi is polling at 45% in the Third District compared to Pilip who is sitting at 42%.

The special election to replace Santos’ seat will take place on February 13, but early voting already began on February 3.

President Biden is currently behind in many polls to former President Donald Trump.

His poor approval rating and poor poll numbers overall are a key factor as to why Democrats like Suozzi are starting to put a gap between themselves and the president.

If members of your own party are starting to criticize you ahead of a massive election this November, then maybe it’s time to change your tactic.

But for Biden and his campaign, they’ll likely continue down the path of destruction before they do anything to change their strategy.

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