Joe Biden just humiliated himself in front of the entire country

Joe Biden

Countless polls have shown that Joe Biden is one the least popular presidents in history. Now it’s going to get so much worse.

Because Joe Biden just humiliated himself in front of the entire country.

The White House was chastised on Tuesday for tweeting a chart showing that inflation is lower than it was last summer, despite the fact that the map also indicated that inflation had soared since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The White House welcomed 4% inflation, the lowest rate since March 2021, in the post, arguing that the reduced rate “is giving families real breathing room.”

The graphic, however, may not have been the obvious victory sign that the Biden administration was looking for, as it showed a large spike in inflation from January 2021 to May 2022, when it reached 9% under the current president’s watch.

“Great news: Today’s inflation report shows annual inflation is now at the lowest level since March 2021, and less than half of what it was last June,” the White House tweeted.

“This is giving families real breathing room.”

Under Biden’s presidency, the US inflation rate reached a 40-year high of 9.1%, whereas former President Donald Trump’s inflation rate lingered around 2% and even touched an average of 1.2% in Trump’s final full year in office.

Conservatives slammed the tweet as yet another Biden gaffe on Twitter.

“Great News: The admin points out that the moment Joe Biden took office, inflation took off!” Steve Guest, former communications director for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), agreed.

“You’re bragging about prices continuing to increase?” Jeremy Redfern, press secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), inquired.

“Last year I gained 9 lbs. This year I only gained 4. Am I losing weight?” one Twitter user asked.

According to Fox News contributor Justin Haskins, the White House’s reasoning misleads individuals who don’t understand how inflation works.

“This is so dishonest! [The WhiteHouse] knows most don’t understand inflation. Inflation going down does not mean there is more ‘breathing room.’ It means the rate of price increases is slowing, but still going up. We are paying more than ever! We need DEFLATION for prices to go down,” Haskins tweeted.

Haskins added in a follow-up tweet that it’s “outrageous that the mainstream press is not HAMMERING Mr. Biden for these comments.”

According to POLITICO, the minor fall in the inflation rate in May was caused by decreased gas costs and increases in grocery prices and other commodities.

The recent drop in inflation is unlikely to persuade Federal Reserve policymakers that the United States is out of the woods, because “core” prices, which the Fed concentrates on, climbed for the sixth consecutive month in May.

And Americans are reaping the pain.

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