Joe Biden just promised to plunge the U.S. into war

Joe Biden

Since Jimmy Carter, the Biden administration has had one of the poorest foreign policies. Afghanistan’s missteps were what actually brought Joe Biden to light.

However, that is nothing in comparison to what lies next.

And Joe Biden just promised to plunge the U.S. into war

The Middle East has been overrun by radical terrorist Muslims under Joe Biden’s leadership, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and China has stepped up its rhetoric against Taiwan.

And ever since the Biden administration utterly and totally failed to withdraw our soldiers from Afghanistan safely and effectively, it has raised many concerns about the administration’s capacity to address emerging threats.

Many Americans want to know that their president can defuse situations with even remote connections to the United States, such as the Ukraine and Taiwan problems.

The fact that Biden’s mental capabilities most definitely seem to be weaker than any President we’ve had recently doesn’t help.

Scott Pelley made sure to ask Joe Biden one very specific question when he appeared on 60 Minutes with Pelley.

If China invades, will the U.S. defend Taiwan?

“Yes, if, in fact, there was an unprecedented attack,” Biden responded when asked if there had been an unprecedented attack.

Biden responded with a single phrase when asked to reiterate that American soldiers would be dispatched to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion.


According to Aaron Blake of The Washington Post, Biden’s remarks on international issues including the Ukraine and Taiwan have appeared to become “increasingly hawkish”

And there is no doubt about it. The United States sending troops to Taiwan to protect it from the Chinese would not be a minor incident.

This would very likely turn out to be a far-bloodier conflict, requiring the United States to devote significant military resources to Taiwan’s defense in a more conventional “war” than it has seen in recent memory.

Some have argued that this may even escalate into a full-scale war, with the U.S. enlisting allies like the British and the Chinese turning to the Russians, who are becoming more and more fond of the Chinese.

Regarding Ukraine, Putin’s heart has only become icier and tougher.

He has made it obvious that he aims to conquer the area, even if doing so requires deploying nuclear weapons against Ukraine and the rest of the west.

To say the least, dealing with China and Russia together would be risky.

Of course, no one in the United States wants China to annex Taiwan.

But one has to question whether the Biden administration and the military are genuinely ready to defend America’s interests.

The first transgender four-star officer to be nominated in any military service in American history belongs to the Biden administration.

For the sake of cultural and political conflicts, they have denigrated the military.

Biden’s ability to handle Chinese threats diplomatically or militarily is difficult to imagine.

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