Joe Biden just said this one word that may have sunk his campaign

joe biden

The president is known for his many bumbling rants. But during his latest rant, he crossed the line big time.

And Joe Biden just said this one word that may have sunk his campaign for good.

At 81 years old, President Joe Biden is the oldest commander-in-chief the United States has ever had.

His age has proven to be worrisome for voters who are concerned that he is not mentally and physically fit to serve as president.

Biden heightened those concerns again during a campaign speech in Florida on Tuesday.

During the speech, the president said, “Folks, in a sense, I don’t know why we’re surprised by Trump. How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?”

Obviously, Biden meant to say the word “he” instead of “we.”

But the damage was done and this gaffe made it seem like he was saying he and his administration can’t be trusted. That’s a bad look if you’re part of the Biden presidential campaign.

Biden was attempting to bash the former president for his role in reversing Roe v. Wade.

Trump nominated three Supreme Court justices during his time as president. Those justices helped to overturn Roe which brought the issue of abortion back to the states and in turn caused the radical Left to lose their minds.

This gaffe by Biden isn’t an isolated incident either.

Just last week, he confused Haifa, a city in Israel, with the town of Rafah which is located in the Gaza Strip.

Biden made the mistake while interviewing with Nexstar Media’s Reshad Hudson.

“I’ve been meeting with them, number one,” Biden told Hudson in response to being asked about winning over pro-Palestinian voters.

“Number two, I made it clear that we have to vastly increase the amount of food, water, health care going into Gaza. And I made it clear to Israelis: Don’t move on Haifa,” the president stated while erroneously saying Haifa instead of Rafah.

Is this the leader Americans really want to run their country for another four-year presidential term?

Joe Biden can barely string along sentences together without making a fool out of himself.

And he’s not getting any younger either, so the gaffes will keep on pouring in.

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