Joe Biden just sold off every American with one move

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has little concern for regular Americans. He has sought to bring our nation to its knees whether through incompetence or malice.

And Joe Biden just sold out every American with his most recent action.

Joe Biden has just been in government for a little over two years, but based on how many scandals and failures he’s generated, you’d think it’s been ten years.

The typical American has suffered greatly under his leadership. American consumers struggle to obtain familiar staple products due to widespread inflation and supply shortages, and when they do, they are overcharged at the register.

But nowhere is it more obvious than at the southern border that Joe Biden could give a damn about his fellow citizens.

Since the start of this year, 1.74 million illegal immigrants have poured through the porous border as a result of him. That surpasses the previous record of 1.73 million set by the Biden administration in 2021, which is not surprising.

And a recent analysis makes clear how badly Joe Biden betrayed the interests of American folks.

According to Al Jazeera, “Locals are calling it gentrification, a plague, or even an invasion.”

“You’re thinking of moving to Mexico City? Wow,” one Mexico City resident told the network. “One important recommendation: Don’t come,” he continued.

“People who live in Mexico City, and people who work in Mexico City, such as myself, we want to get a place but it is really difficult because the prices as so high… It is messed up,” a second Mexican lamented.

Al Jazeera, a left-leaning news outlet that supports mass migration, was unable to tamp down the outrage from Americans living in Mexico.

According to Breitbart:

“The clear language used in the report — ‘modern colonialism … invasion … flood of Americans … rent has more than doubled … rising costs and inflation … Americans ignoring cultural and social norms’ is rarely used by establishment outlets when covering migration into the United States.”

This result follows a flurry of surveys that revealed widespread disapproval of Biden and his handling of the border situation.

In a study conducted by NPR in August, 54% of respondents—including 76% of Republicans and even 40% of Democrats—classified the border situation as an “invasion.” Furthermore, this categorization was accepted by 47% of the Hispanic adults surveyed.

Democrats bet that if they stopped enforcing immigration rules, Latinos would scream their praises.

It turns out that Americans care about issues that affect their lives and wallets, regardless of their race.

In fact, American Latinos recently placed inflation, violence, and jobs as their top three concerns in a survey.

Additionally, Democrats may experience a significant backlash in the November elections due to growing discontent across demographics regarding Biden’s disastrous border strategy.