Joe Biden just spat in the face of Americans with this despicable act

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The Biden presidency is up in flames. But this action might have poured gasoline on the fire.

And Joe Biden just spat in the face of Americans with this despicable act.

In several weeks, the United States will be remembering the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Ever since the attacks, each U.S. president has observed the anniversary at either the White House or at one of the locations of the attacks in Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, and New York City.

But this year will be different for Biden.

Instead of spending the anniversary of 9/11 at any of the attack sites, the President will be in Alaska.

“On Monday, Sept. 11, Biden will travel to a military base in Alaska where he will mark the 22nd anniversary of the attacks in a memorial ceremony with members of the military and their families, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement Monday” according to Fox News.

“Biden’s plans for Sept. 11 represent the first time since the attacks that a president has opted against observing the occasion at either the White House or any of the three attack sites.”

Some are wondering if Biden is trying to avoid looking unsympathetic or out of touch during an event honoring those who were lost in the attacks.

His latest visit to Maui after wildfires destroyed the island, was full of moments that lacked compassion, including making jokes about the ground being hot.

The Daily Wire reports that, “While a number suggested that Biden had opted for Alaska because there was likely to be less press coverage on the ground โ€“ and therefore fewer chances for the president to appear on camera saying something foolish or tone-deaf โ€“ others speculated there were other stories floating around the news cycle on which the White House was trying to avoid scrutiny.”

This is certainly the case, as the President is working to shake off corruption accusations from his business dealings with his son, Hunter.

Joe Biden and his administration have also worked on a deal that would take the death penalty off the table for those who have been convicted for planning 9/11.

This potential deal has of course angered those who have been personally and directly affected by the events of September 11th.

“We cannot have the greatest terrorist attack in the history of this country fade away with plea deals for the last remaining prisoners in Guantanamo,” said Brett Eagleson, whose father died in the World Trade Center.

“America deserves a trial. We deserve to know what they have to say and we deserve the truth.”

No matter what the excuse is from the White House, it’s not valid enough for Biden to not be present at either the White House or at the three locations of the terrorist attacks.

And this further proves that the President and his administration have an “America Last” mindset.

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