Joe Biden makes a major nuclear announcement that has Americans scared

joe biden

Under Biden’s leadership, many feared the possibility of World War 3. And those fears may become a reality.

That’s because Joe Biden makes a major nuclear announcement that has Americans scared.

Tensions in the world are rising.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been waging for almost two years.

The Middle East is in a state of unrest after Hamas launched a brutal terrorist attack on Israel on October 7.

And now President Biden has just made an announcement that will only cause things to become more unhinged.

While touring a factory in Colorado, Biden met with several workers, one of whom asked him a question that couldn’t be heard on camera.

The president responded by saying, “Now look, my, my marine carries that. It has a code to blow up the world. That doesn’t, this is not…nuclear weapons is it…alright, ok…you think I’m kidding.”

Biden was referring to the nuclear football, or as it’s officially known as, the “Presidential Emergency Satchel.”

The satchel is carried by an officer of the military and follows the president whenever they are away from the White House.

It’s purpose is to provide codes for the president to use to execute an order to launch nuclear weapons.

While it seems like Biden was trying to make a light-hearted joke about a rather serious topic, it’s safe to say the attempt at humor fell flat on its face.

This is especially true as the world is in a state of turmoil due to multiple large-scale conflicts between several major countries.

But that wasn’t the only time President Biden committed a gaffe during his trip to Colorado.

When criticizing Donald Trump, he accidentally referred to him as “Congressman Trump.”

He also messed up the name of South Korean president, Yoon Suk Yeol.

“I am friends with your leader, Mr. Moon, you know,” Biden said, apparently getting President Yoon’s name confused with the president before him, Moon Jai-in.

Joking about blowing up the world and messing up the names of several prominent leaders is unfortunately where we’re at under President Joe Biden.

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