Joe Biden gets put on blast by this top White House reporter

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The president is used to being coddled by the press. But now the tide is turning.

As Joe Biden gets put on blast by this top White House reporter.

Ever since President Joe Biden was sworn into office in January of 2021, he’s participated in either softball interviews or no interviews at all.

The same can be said about press conferences he’s involved in.

Usually, Biden will have a cheat sheet laid out in front of him that tells him which reporter he’s supposed to call on. The reporter he ends up calling on will ask Biden a question that he has the pre-written answer to on that same cheat sheet.

And sometimes when the president speaks in public, his aides will rush him away from the press at the conclusion of the event so that he doesn’t have to answer any unscripted questions.

These are much different circumstances than what former President Donald Trump had to deal with. He was constantly attacked by the press at every turn and he did a formidable job with handling that pressure.

Biden however, continues to be coddled by Leftist members of the press and media who want to do nothing but be his cheerleader.

And he’s finally being called out on it.

Before President Biden attending a major fundraising event in New York City last week, he appeared on an episode of the “SmartLess” podcast with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes are the hosts of the podcast.

One White House reporter, wasn’t too pleased with Biden’s now-second appearance on the podcast.

“Number of times Jason Bateman has done a sit-down interview with President Biden: 2. Nearly every print reporter who covers the White House: 0,” said Jennifer Haberkorn, a White House reporter for Politico, in an X post.

According to Mediaite, other journalists and reporters shared Haberkorn’s same sentiment about Biden ducking more serious interviews.

“Haberkorn’s observation was retweeted by a number of her peers, such as The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg, The New Republic’s Grace Segers, The Daily Beast’s Corbin Bolies, The Washington Post’s Annah Aschbrenner, and Fox News’s Lucas Tomlinson,” Mediaite reports.

This hasn’t been the first time Biden has been called out for hiding away from the press.

“In his first two-and-a-half years as president, Biden has held fewer news conferences than his predecessors. He has given fewer interviews to major news organizations, despite his promise to restore traditional press relations after the Trump era,” the Washington Post reported last year.

“At the same time, the White House is contacting an array of online influencers, social media personalities, TikTok stars, and other nontraditional figures to spread its message, creating an alternative communication network that is different from previous presidencies.”

We all know why Joe Biden continues to hide from the press.

He can barely put two sentences together without sounding like he’s in serious cognitive decline. And that has his staff and Democrats absolutely terrified of putting him in front of a live interview or press conference for millions upon millions to see.

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