Joe Biden shredded the U.S. Constitution with this stunning order

joe biden

The checks and balances of our government system are all but gone. Biden wants to put the final nail in the coffin.

Because Joe Biden completely shredded the U.S. Constitution with this stunning order.

No issue has been so hotly debated in recent years as the transgenderism issue has been.

Conservatives are concerned about destroying the very fabric of a functioning society being based on the gender binary.

The radical Left, meanwhile, wants everyone to fall in line and obey their demands of “acceptance”.

States that are controlled by strong conservatives like Tennessee, Florida, and others, have been leading the way in putting an end to the LGBTQ+ radicalism that harms our children.

Recently, West Virginia became the latest state to join in and ban transgender athletes from being able to compete against other athletes who don’t share the same biological gender as them.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is a prime example of how transgender women – men who say they are women – have an obvious advantage over biological female athletes.

The West Virginia law is being challenged in court, however, as the radical Left says that it is “hateful” and “discriminatory.”

But if Joe Biden gets his way, every state that seeks to protect its citizens how it best sees fit will be forced to comply with the LGBTQ+ lobby’s demands.

The Biden administration is reportedly preparing an executive rule that would prevent states from being allowed to stop transgender athletes from being allowed to compete against members of the opposite biological sex.

Newsmax reports:

Schools and colleges across the U.S. would be forbidden from enacting outright bans on transgender athletes under a proposal released Thursday from the Biden administration, but teams could create some limits in certain cases — for example, to ensure fairness.

This is an obvious trampling all over the rights that states have to determine what’s best for its own citizens and follow the legislative process.

It’s a federalization of all legislation in every state in the country that our Founding Fathers would’ve been appalled to see happen.

The U.S. Constitution makes it abundantly clear that the federal government can’t just do whatever it wants and that, beyond the powers it was guaranteed explicitly, that all other matters are to be handled at the state level.

Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t like that, though. They see that conservatives all across the country are being quite successful in rallying to defend fairness in banning transgender women from being able to compete against real women.

As such, they are looking for ways to use the federal government to win this political war for them, because we all know that their ideas are simply too extreme for the general American public.

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