Joe Biden turned blue in the face when he got this impeachment news from the U.S. House


The GOP taking back control of the U.S. House is a bigger deal than the media wants you to believe. The Biden admin will now have to deal with House Republicans thwarting their agenda.

And now Joe Biden’s turned blue in the face over getting this impeachment news from the U.S. House.

House Republicans like Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) have been saying for months that the Biden administration will be held accountable for their failures and lies.

The American people have been suffering from the Biden administration’s agenda that has led to skyrocketing inflation, an insecure southern border, and international conflicts unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years.

Because of that, some are arguing that those within the Biden admin and even Joe Biden himself could be impeached.

It certainly carries more weight than when Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump over lies from the Fake News Media and the Deep State.

And we just might be getting the first glimpse of who is at the top of the list for Republicans to investigate first.

The Biden admin’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in particular has been a failure of massive proportions.

On his watch, the southern border crisis has spiraled out of control and his failed policies under Joe Biden’s leadership have only made matters worse.

Because of this, it seems the GOP might be going after him first.

Mayorkas will be impeached by the House Republicans, Rep. Ronny Jackson said on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Mayorkas has got to go, so we’re going to start investigating him,” the GOP Congressman from Texas said.

“We are going investigate every decision he’s made. We’re going to use the power of subpoena. We’re going to use the power of the purse and come after Mayorkas. He needs to go.”

He added that Mayorkas needs to be made an “example” of to set a precedent that the Biden admin’s games won’t be tolerated.

“We need to make an example of Mayorkas, and he’ll be just the start of what we do in this new Congress; but he’s absolutely got to go. He’s been a complete, absolute disaster; and he has been the lead on making this happen, the border being the disaster that it is.”

“Let’s make no mistake about it: This could not be happening without [President Joe] Biden. Biden and Mayorkas, they are the traffickers in chief right now.”

Reasons for why the Biden admin has been such a failure as it comes to the southern border include their policies on giving illegal immigrants “plane tickets” and “welfare” according to Rep. Jackson.

“Plane tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, cellphones, welfare, schools, health care. We’re creating unbelievable incentives for these people to come here, and they are doing it purposefully. So [Mayorkas] has got to go. He is damaging and destroying this country in a variety of ways.” Jackson continued.

The Biden admin is certainly in for a ride for the next two years.

Conservatives watched as the Democrats and the Fake News Media demonized former President Trump over outright lies.

But the Biden administration has actually been damaging the economy and the safety of Americans, on the other hand.

For that, the House Republicans will hopefully hold the White House accountable.

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