Joe Biden was delivered a disturbing warning that has him losing his mind

Joe Biden

Biden’s presidency is hanging on by a very thin thread. He needs to watch his back.

And Joe Biden was delivered a disturbing warning that has him losing his mind.

The number of Joe Biden’s failures is astronomical.

But one of the worst was when he pulled out of Afghanistan, leaving over a dozen US servicemen to die and hundreds of American citizens abandoned.

A new report exposes that this wasn’t just a miscalculation or a mistake, it was in direct defiance of advice from those on the ground.

President Biden’s administration ignored warnings from US authorities on the ground in Afghanistan before of the president’s pullout plan in 2021, according to a prominent House Republican.

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, R-Texas, reviewed a State Department paper outlining the concerns diplomats at the US Embassy in Kabul had at the time of the pullout.

McCaul spent months obtaining the document, known as a dissent cable, via subpoenas and the prospect of contempt charges before viewing it personally on Tuesday.

“The dissenters were absolutely right about everything they said, and it was a warning to the administration about what was going to happen and what they needed to do,” McCaul told Punchbowl News in an interview, adding that the dissenters “deserve a medal.”

“Unfortunately, the administration didn’t heed all their warnings and we got what we got,” he added.

McCaul saw a version of the memo in which the names of the dissenters had been redacted.

Only he and the committee’s ranking member, Rep. Greg Meeks, D-N.Y., were allowed to see the document.

Meeks argued the document revealed no new information, however, it “puts to rest this whole thing about having a subpoena and the president is hiding something or whatever it is.”

For months, Secretary of State Antony Blinken obstructed McCaul’s access to the document, ignoring repeated subpoena dates and delivering half-measures like a briefing on the document’s substance rather than a look at the document itself.

McCaul didn’t make much headway until earlier this month, when he threatened to hold Blinken in contempt of Congress for obstructing access.

Despite this, only he and Meeks were permitted to read the paper on Tuesday, despite McCaul’s request that every member of the Foreign Affairs Committee be granted access.

After reviewing the document, it is uncertain whether McCaul will continue to advocate for other members’ access.

On Wednesday, McCaul threatened to initiate criminal contempt proceedings.

His office did not reply immediately to a request for comment on Wednesday morning.

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