Joe Biden’s mental health damage revealed in bombshell report

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The Democrats are hiding the extent of Joe Biden’s failing mental health. But they can’t hide anymore.

Because President Biden’s mental health damage has been revealed in a bombshell report.

A new NBC News poll shows that a growing proportion of voters are concerned about Vice President Joe Biden’s health and mental capacity to serve as president.

According to a nationwide survey conducted June 16-20 by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies, 68% of U.S. registered voters are worried that Biden doesn’t have the “necessary mental and physical health” to manage the country.

This is a 17-point gain from just three years ago.

One month before the 2020 presidential election, 51% of the voting population were concerned about Biden’s capacity to lead the country, with 38% calling it a “major” problem.

Over half of those surveyed now said that Biden’s poor mental and physical health is a “major concern.”

There have been repeated reports in the media of Biden, who is 80 years old and would be 86 at the end of an additional term if reelected, tripping and falling down and fumbling over his words during public speeches, raising fears about his health.

For instance, a video of Biden tumbling off his bike went viral and set off a media frenzy. Another internet sensation shows the president falling over while speaking at the Air Force Academy’s commencement ceremony.

Concerns about Biden’s mental health have emerged alongside those concerning his physical condition, in part because of his inability to construct meaningful words.

Unable to “define America in one word,” Biden’s speech introducing Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson was a complete failure. Many people made fun of the President on social media.

Biden tried to address public worries about his age in April of this year.

After holding a news conference in the Rose Garden to address voters’ concerns, Biden allegedly told reporters that his age “doesn’t register” with him. This was reported by NBC News.

“I can’t even say I guess how old I am, I can’t even say the number. It doesn’t… it doesn’t register with me,” Biden shared with the media. “I took a hard look at it before I decided to run. And I feel good.”

The NBC News survey also inquired as to the health and mental stability of former President Donald Trump, one of the Republicans hoping to challenge Biden in 2024.

Voters’ worries about Trump are lower than those about Biden by 13 percentage points. In October of 2020, 51% of the population expressed some worry about Trump’s health.

Similarly, the percentage of people who say Trump’s health is a big worry has increased from 41% to 44%.

The damage of Joe Biden’s mental health cannot be understated. He will have a tough time in the 2024 election of getting over the objection of his advancing age and deteriorating mental sharpness.

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